Windows Messenger


Image and Title of Messenger for Windows can be changed only for your company.

Messenger login image, top title of Messenger,bottom image can be changed as text or image as your company desired.

Video/ Voice chat

Various notifications for Windows

윈도우용 메신저 각종 알림
User login notification, a new message or document has arrived at the Groupware Menu notification

PC Remote Support

Employees in the same company can access directly to PC of the others and control it.
PC remote support

Access control is useful for technical support or failover.
In order to support external users who do not use messenger by access control, please go to the guest page to download customized messenger file to use.

How to use remote support for external users
http://Groupware access domain/groupware/guest.php
In the guest page, after seleting to login as [Messenger], click on the [Download] button and then run the file for guests.


Post It

A simple memo can be created and put on PC desktop to use easily.

Company Broadcast

Company sends a one-way video to whole users.
Each attended user can also chat together

Video Conference

Video Conference allows up to 6 users to join.
You can capture the screen and share it to the others. You can also draw a picture on the screen
메신저 내 화상회의 보기

PC Screen Capture

Select a part of your PC screen, create a capture and send it the other party.
You can also draw a picture on the screen.

PC Screen Sharing

Show the full your PC screen to the other party, they can see all actions on your screen in real time


메신저에서 상대방에 쪽지 보내기

Confirm when a whisper has arrived

Attach a file and send a whisper to multiple users

여러 유저에 동시에 쪽지 보내기

Press Ctrl key and hold on to select many people at the same time, then click on right mouse to use this function.

Available attachments

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