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Reservation System, Approval System

  • Reservation System : available to use when confirmation has been completed at the time of reservation
  • Approval System : After reservation request, it is available to use if the administrator approved

Resource manager

Groupware administrator can specify three types of resource manager

Full authority manager :
Resource and Category Add, Modify, Delete permission
Permit or Cancel reservation request
Permit reservation manager :
Category setting
Permit and cancel resource of selected category and sub category
User in charge of resource :
Groupware administrator and Full authority manager can specify incharge person for each resource
User in charge of a resource has permission to permit or cancel resource reservation request for this resource only

Easy booking function

After confirming reserved resource schedule, it is possible to book
Repetition period can be set according to the scheduled time
When reservation has been completed, send notification to resource users and conference attendees if have via mail
Status can be checked on the scheduled reservation inquiry

Meeting registration and attendee notification

When reserving a meeting room, it is possbile to send e-mail to inform the attending participants, and register the schedule to Calendar of the attendee

Other features

  • When adding a new resource, availability of time can be set
  • Mail notification when canceling resource request
  • Only selected users can book
  • Repeat reservation function
  • Display resource status(normal or breakdown)
  • Reservation status can be checked by date(Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly)
  • Display whether resources are returned or not
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