A Mail System that Blocks 95% of SpamA stable mail service founded on 16 years of experience
Setup individual or company level spam filters
Send a daily list of blocked spam
Block 99% of viruses

Hanbiro Groupware - Mobile Apps

Synchronization with Mobile AppsGroupware / CRM / Messenger / CloudDisk / Mail / Hanbiro HR

Groupware Supports Global Companies With Overseas Branches
Setup Groupware for Global Companies

Various Security SettingsWeb and mobile access control settings
Secure reports and documents safely with a second password-lock
Encrypt and store documents in the server

Hanbiro Groupware - Security Settings

Build an Exclusive Cloud for Your CompanyCentralize files through CloudDisk
Auto-sync files between your PC and CloudDisk
Collaborate with coworkers through sharing
Allow additional communication by writing memos to one another in files
Exchange files with external users
Receive push notifications whenever files are uploaded or memos are added to shared folders

Hanbiro Groupware - CloudDisk

Customize Your GroupwareAdd functions
Develop new associated programs
Modify your solution to your preferences
Connect with your previously used software

Stay Alert With Mobile Push NotificationsReceive mobile notifications when you receive a new Messenger chat, report, or document, or when a new file is uploaded or edited
Get alerts when a document sent for Approval is returned

Hanbiro Groupware - Mobile App Notifications

Purchase Software for LifeAdd Groupware software to your company's internal IDCView Prices

Hanbiro Groupware - Edit Settings to Match Your Company

Edit Software SettingsDisplay your company name and CI

Time-punch Mobile AppPunch in or out using NFC, Wi-Fi, or GPS

Hanbiro Groupware - Time-punch Mobile App

Hanbiro Groupware - Software Built to Help Internal Communications

Tools to Help Internal CommunicationsAccess Messenger any time, anywhere via PC or mobile
Touch base and connect through Board, Whisper, Circular, and Today's Thought

Synchronize with Contacts and Calendar on Mobile Select Calendar or Contacts for Mobile Sync
한비로 그룹웨어는 다양한 공유 설정 가능

Diverse Sharing SettingsSet [Read/Write/Modify/Delete] permissions per user
Share with selected individuals or departments

ArchiveStore older documents from the Groupware database to the Archive
Store and back up encrypted files
Search for documents with various search filtersView more details

Create Custom Company FormsWrite, edit, and draft forms in HTML or with templates in every text window
Modify and use programming templates for automatic formula calculations

Hanbiro Groupware - Formula Calculation Programming Template

Save Attached Files to CloudDisk

Save Attachments to CloudDiskAll attached files for all menus can 「Preview」, 「View and save to other apps」, and 「Save to CloudDisk」
All text windows on Web and mobile have the option to 「Attach files from CloudDisk」

Mobile Phones Talk unlimited for free to other coworkers through Wi-Fi connected mobiles

Voice Talk
Moon Sori
1544-4755 Ext. 505
(English Consultation Available)