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Common equipment for mobile groupware apps/ Add project menu

Add an HTML editor to compose window of mobile groupware apps

Until now, only notes editor supports drawing and text editor, Simple HTML editing is possible.
When this function is completed, Edit button in all reading pane will be created and editing is also possible.

Convert format to Big Data of mail data - The sequential application of Customer server

Thousand million mails will be saved and viewed quickly by applying Big Data for Hanbiro Groupware and CRM.

Messenger Last conversation centralized - Sequentially applied to the client-server

Until now, information is only stored in your device and it is uncomfortable because it cannot be intergrated in other devices. Big Data is now applied to the messenger material ensures a faster search.

Add ActiveX client server to the Editor of Windows Explorer

You can edit the image on your desktop by drag-and-drop and the table size can be modified with the mouse. Copy selected content of office documents and paste.

Mobile Voice Whisper

Voice message can be created in Whisper menu of Mobile Groupware app and Messenger app. With "Record a audio" function in Whisper, you can record and send it to the other party.

Formula calculation forms are available

  • You can use a formula such as total rescue, amount calculation by adding them into your program.
  • A dozen forms are available free of charge such as Expense Report, Purchasing Request, Funds Daily, etc. (Available after Groupware Administrator Settings)

Add approval route options in Approval menu

Traditionally, only certain departments or specific users were specified in the approval route, now you can specify such a department head of the drafting department, department head of the parent department by choosing a user variable. In addition, a new function is that allows user to create a new approval route in advance has been added.

Mobile Time-punch app

The mobile app is available to punch in/out.(After searching "time-punch" in the Google Play Store or the App Store, Time-Punchyou can download the app.) This app can be only used in case the attendance administrator set it up. IPhone devices are only supported punch in/out with GPS.

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