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Groupware administrator assigns project managers and they will register required project in company
Groupware administrator can set so that all users are able to register a project
The project manager specifies manager(Leader), person in charge(Participants), viewers(CC) to be able to conduct an effective way
Project manager and leader can register activities in project
Project Manager creates a folder and sets its order
By summing up the progress of each activity, it will tell us the overall progress of the project


Notify to Leader Participants of the project
You can see this function in the top menu when opening a project


Registered by Leader of a pfoject
The Leader will assign activity for Participants
In each activity shows the rate of progress

Activity reference

In each activity, Participants can write activity reference to add more information, attach files or take note in order to clarify the progress of the activity


It is used for discussing about small problems or various issues with the project manager
Assign person in charge for a small activity
When you want to write another answer in a completed ticket or it has a wrong answer, it can be re-opened again


Automatically integrate the progress of each activity and indicates the overall project progress
Progress can be viewed by Project manager, leaders, participants and viewers(CC)

Other features

  • Project Manager can create, modify or delete the project
  • Your related projects and activities are displayed in the left menu
  • When a person is not directly involved in the project, but they need to understand the content of the project, they can be specified as a viewer(CC)
  • The viewer(CC) can view all activities content and progress of the project
  • Project start date, due date can be registered
  • Possible to close a project early by changing its status before deadline
  • A completed project can be re-opened by project manager or leader
  • For activities in progress, you can add memo or necessary materials via Activity reference
  • When you require a person related to the project to solve a certain problem, you can create a ticket and specify this person in "Person in charge"
  • Possible to Reply to a ticket
  • When creating a new ticket, attachments can be registered
  • Easily view all the progress and elapsed tickets through [Time History]
  • When creating a new activity or ticket, sending mail is available
  • At the end of the project, when status of project has been changed to [Completed], the project will be automatically moved to [Completed Project] folder
  • You can write a simple memo belows activity through Activity memo
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