IDC Introduction

Softbank Telecom data center operators the data center with a unique high value. SoftBank Telecom's high-quality network services for data center as well as combination of cloud services, security services, such as mobile connectivity are also available.

소프트뱅크 텔레콤 데이터 센터(코로케이션 서비스: 고객 서버 보관, 보수, 운용, 관리 - 소프트뱅크 BB 인터넷 백본, 소프트뱅크 텔레콤 인터넷 백본, 공중 무선 LAN망, 휴대 전화망 | 클라우드 서비스 : VMware vCloud Datacenter Service, Desktop service view type, 관리 운영 메일, 웹호스팅 - SmartVPN, 클라우드 각종 서비스)

High quality of flexible service

You can build the best system for your needs in accordance with the combination of variety of service such as Security Services, Hosting Services, Cloud Services ect.

High quality, high-capacity network and direct connection

Softbank Telecom's high-quality, high-capacity backbone network is directly connected. Softbank Telecom's nationwide network has been achieved fiber-optic cable and the transport system, redundancy in design, installed strong fault tolerance. It also is possible to connect with the international line.

Data Centers are located at 14 places across Japan

Data centers located at 14 places across Japan are providing optimal experience for customers. In addition, each data center can be used as a mutual backup center because it is connected to a reliable network of Softbank Telecom. (Disaster Recovery is possible)

Trusted operating system


Softbank Telecom has a team of experienced professionals and a high operating reliability based on the various certification. (Obtaining certification will depend on the center.)


Some data centers are obtaining reports conforming to the SSAE16 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16, Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization, was finalized by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in January 2010). This is a report on the evaluation of internal control by third parties for customers, so Telecom data center and will be assured a measure for using.

SoftBank Telecom is committed to continuous improvement in the data center through the ISO and SSAE16 activities.

Green data center

Softbank Telecom data center is conducting business as follows in order to contribute to global environmental preservation.

  • Efficient Airflow control adopted in equipment rooms
  • Depending on the season of installing the Heat Exchanger in ventilation facility, Fresh air and Total Heat Exchange are introduced and set
  • Outdoor air conditioner is installed from the high roof surface to improve air conditioning efficiency by using natural wind
  • Automatic sprinkler of air conditioner in mid-summer and increasing the cooling efficiency due to the heat of vaporization
  • Automatic lighting with infrared sensors at corridor and stairs and installing auto-off lighting systems
  • Install the inverter type air conditioners and lighting systems
  • Countermeasures for heat island and rooftop afforestation
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