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Service prices ₩ 1,000

Big Data Mail service

According to the estimated amount of enterprise data around the world, increase double every 1.2 years.
Generate more limits of the process from transfering existing software of mail data.
Generate the necessity of linkage analysis of mail and other softwares in companies.


  • Personalized e-mail configuration and view
  • No storage company level
  • No customer correspondence analysis
  • Server load and processing delay according to accumulating mail volume increases

Big Data Mail

  • Collect information on the enterprise level email
  • Bulk email, bulk storage-mail archiving and processing
  • Analysis of all mail correspondence of individual is available
  • Provide specific customer data collection and analysis history
  • New inquiry form through web and e-mail, collection of customer complaints and responses
  • All mail indexing and search
  • Various configurations linked with other data in company, such as CRM etc. is available

Approximately 95% of spam mail will be blocked

We provide spam blocking customized by each individual, each domain with 15 years of experience in intelligent spam blocking

Approximately 99% of virus mails will be blocked

Update and block virus attached email every day

Attachments have a large capacity will be automatically transferred as link

When you attach a file have a large capacity, it will be stored in the server then a link is generated automatically and attached in your mail.(If a large capacity files are attached directly and sent, mail will not reach the recipient's server due to excess allowed capacity)

Mobile app push notifications

With a variety of settings, you can set to receive notification from only the email address that you wish

Other features

  • All your mail is saved on big data type database and thousands of mail is available for Quich Search and List View
  • Connect to CRM through list of mail associated with customers
  • It is able to load your company form and compose mail
  • When generating departments in organization chart, create a mail for the whole department and all members of the department can use this email address ( It means if you send email to this email address, all members of the same department can receive the email)
  • For the email address which you have sent and the email address stored in the Whitelist, when a mail is sent from the address as mentioned above, it will be stored in Inbox
  • Quick Search is provided for all mail
  • Can check whether a recipient has opened the mail or not(In some cases, cannot confirm due to recipient's e-mail program settings)
  • Select email address from organization chart and send
  • Attach a file from CloudDisk to mail and send
  • When composing mail, it will be automatically saved in server so it is able to reload in case the content is unexpectedly lost
  • Images can be inserted when composing mail on web or mobile
  • Gather blocked spam mail list in the past and send via mail (If normal mail is classified as spam, it will be sent as normal mail)
  • Block about 95% of spam mail by arranging mail in one week (When mail in normal mailboxes is marked as spam, it will be moved to "Spam" mailbox)
  • When sending mail, if you want to receive mail by other email address, it can be specified easily
  • Auto sort, Vacation autoreplies, Block address, Create new folder(or mailbox) available
  • After creating mail, you can set the schedule to send
  • Backup mail in a specific folder on your PC
  • Whitelist is managed to classify normal mail
  • After sending email to other user in the same domain, you can cancel it before they read it
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