Service Type Guide

SaaS on a Public Cloud

Users of many different companies may share a public server through setup
Its advantages are low cost, and you do not need to purchase software or servers or operate them.
However, it has the disadvantage that sometimes you will be affected by other users and you can not use a separate customization.
When used with a small number of users, services run smoothly.
Customers pay a monthly fee per user to use.
The cost is low compared to other service types and suitable for under 100 users.
Customers do not need to purchase software, server and server management.

※ The same server type with Google Apps

다수의 기업이 하나의 서버를 공동으로 사용

SaaS on a Private Cloud

A separate space is provided for hardware and OS and only one company uses it.
The server must be placed in Hanbiro IDC.
The reason is that we can maintain hardware and OS.
Disadvantage is you have to pay the server rental cost, rack-cost, network cost.
It is suitable for companies have a large number of users want to build server for their company only.
One company use only one physical server.
Hanbiro purchases a server, manages hardware, OS and software on the server.
Customers pay a monthly fee per user to use.
Customers do not need to purchase software, server or manage them.
Customers are able to customize server depending on their needs.
This type of service is logical when a company wants to use a single physical server for security reasons and they have more than 100 users.

Situations supported by Hanbiro
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • OS management operations
  • Rack space in IDC
  • Network
  • Software Updates
하나의 기업이 하나의 서버를 단독으로 사용

On-Premise and Self-Hosted on a Cloud

Suitable for the following cases:
- The server is located in the company and they have their own staffs who manage server.
- There is a separate contract IDC and the company has a free space for IDC.
- Companies want direct control for the server location.
The drawback here is you must purchase an initial software.
If companies have their own computer room or rack in ICD, they have to purchase software to use.
It is suitable for companies have a staff manages Linux server.
If there is no one to manage your company Linux serser, you can get a remote management operations services of Hanbiro.
One year after purchased software and purchase a permanent license, software updates and maintenance costs are incurred by 15% of purchase price for each year
Even though the software is purchased, you can not access to the source code.
In order to customize the software, the development comes after consultation with the hanbiro.
Web browsers and software updates from the upgrade of the OS will occur from time to time.

Customers have to do:
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Linux management operations
    (If you can't, Hanbiro Remote management and operation services are available)
  • Computer room or free space for IDC
  • Network

Software updates and maintenance costs:
15%(year) of the purchase price after one year

기업이 소프트웨어를 구매하여 자체 서버에 설치 및 운영

Comparison List of Services

Provider = Hanbiro

Comparison List of Services
Type SaaS on Public Server SaaS on Private Server Software sales-type
Hardware Purchasing Provider Provider Customer
Hardware Maintenance Provider Provider Customer
Software Purchasing No No Yes
Software Updates Provider Provider Provider
Linux OS management operations Provider Provider Customer
Network Provider Provider Customer
IDC rack space Provider Provider Customer
Storage Space Limited space per user Depending on your disk capacity Depending on your disk capacity
OS and database purchasing No No No

Price Comparison in case of 100 users
(/ month)

Price Comparison by types of service
Types of service SaaS on Public Server SaaS on Private Server Software sales-type
Hanbiro Mail ₩ 100,000 ₩ 400,000 Separate discussion
Hanbiro Groupware ₩ 350,000 ₩ 400,000 Separate discussion
Hanbiro Messenger ₩ 100,000 ₩ 400,000 Separate discussion
Hanbiro CloudDisk ₩ 100,000 ₩ 350,000 Separate discussion
Standard price Price per user Software Licenses + Rack + Network + Server Initial cost + License fees per user
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