iSCSI Storage System

Hanbiro implements a variety of storage systems based on low-cost, high-efficiency and performance, considerable stability iSCSI which is suitable for operating system of each customer.

Strengths of iSCSI

  • Protocol-based storage for transmitting a SCSI I/O command at a high speed through TCP/IP network
  • Able to manage storage in IP-based local (LAN) and wideband network (WAN) network
  • In operating systems such as Windows and Linux iSCSI disk is connected to a physical hard disk
  • Significantly low cost and an IP network-based flexibility is very high when comparing to SAN-based configuration
  • When configured with the Network Teaming, building a significant high available system

Storage application fields

  • Microsoft Windows Cluster shared Storage
  • Microsoft Exchange / SQL Server Database Storage
  • Virtualized instances Images Storage such as Hyper-V and VMWare, etc.
  • Shared Storage of multiple web server load-balancing configuration

Offerring a variety of configuration methods

< iSCSI storage based on Microsoft Windows Cluster >
< Query load balancing system based on SQL Database Mirroring storage >
< High-availability storage systems through configuration of multiple targets such as operating system Raid 1/5 >

Evaluation of Performance

When self-evaluating such as by Microsoft, transfer more than 250MB per second and check whether iSCSI is a high-throughput for the desired scenario on suitable storage or not
IOPS(I/O operations per second) has a significant difference with DAS, but the difference between the internal and external DAS is just about 10% in MBPS(MB per second) (I / O speed decreasing caused by additional network phrase).
Although the difference between inside and outside performance is about 10-20% compared to whole Fibre Channel, cost is the best efficiency
File-sharing-based NAS by approximately 20% to 50% shows a high processing performance and high reliability

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