Web Caching Service

We provide a caching service with optimal algorithm of Hanbiro only.

many statistical reports indicate that among the images and html files on the site, only about 10% of which are frequently accessed. Usually, several hundred gigabytes of data, only about 10Gb of files is often read, accounts for over 80% of total access. Therefore, if this 10Gb put together with other files will make system less effective. After reading a file from hard disk or reading hard disk of other storage server, then put it in the Memory of Web server, every time you ask for a procedure file to transfer, repeat this process.

Among these procedures, web caching service omits the section to read the files on hard disk. Put a lot of files to be read in the Memory of the Web server, when the client needs, it will be immediately transfer to them.

Processing capacity will digest approximately 80% to 90% of the total file throughput in Caching Memory of Web Cluster Servers and then send it to Clients. Speed of site is shown to Clients is significantly faster.

Recommended Target

The person who is operating the site which has a lot of image.

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