Short term rental server hosting

" You no longer need to buy a server for service in a short period of time. "

Event Server

Here refers to server operation for the company using the server as a short-term lease form during short period time of event together with project progress.

Service targets

  • If the number of visitor increase as expected in a period of time between the event
  • If you have any difficulties in the site operated by an intensive increase visitor for a period of time
  • If you need mass download system for program updates
  • If the test is required in development period

Service Features

The professional managers of Hanbiro will operate your server reliably during the event. We provide free technical support for a wide range of operating server. The equipment will be operating in the best IDC facilities.

Operating procedures

Review the server specifications and event server inquiry

Select a suitable system / submit quotation though consultation with Hanbiro representatives

Contracts and server settings

After reviewing quotation, if the contract is made, ther server will be set to suit for the purpose.

Event Server Management

Event termination

After the backup or delete, withdraw equipment according to customer requests the data stored in the server

Contract termination

After consultation about Other Technical Support Services and Server initial setting, proceed
to negotiate charges for each phase

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