MS-ASP Rental License

Microsoft product software rental service is the way that does not buy Microsoft's products, just pay a certain cost to rent during the period of operation of the server at affordable prices. (It does not mean transfer Software Ownership. Ownership is always Microsoft Corporation.)

Service Component

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Types of Services and Fees

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 - 64bit Version Comparison

* Windows Server 2012 R2(64bit) is recommended.
Pricing Table Microsoft Windows Server
Product Name Division Unit Price (VAT excluded/ month)
2012 R2 Standard Server License per CPU (socket) ₩ 25,000
2008 R2 Standard
2012 R2 DataCenter Server License per CPU (socket) ₩ 130,000
2012 Web Server License
* Web/ video server operation only in operating*
per CPU (socket) ₩ 20,000
2008 R2 Web
  Terminal access user license per user ₩ 5,000

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2014 Compare between versions

Pricing Table Microsoft SQL Server
Product Name Division Unit Price (VAT excluded/ month)
SQL 2012/2014 Standard Core License Core/4 ₩ 290,000
Core License (optional) Core/2 ₩ 150,000
SQL 2012/2014 Enterprise Core License Core/4 ₩ 1,100,000
Core License (optional) Core/2 ₩ 550,000
SQL 2008 R2 Web Edition Server License
* Should be used only on a web page linkage. The other uses violate license violation.
Core/4 ₩ 25,000
Core/2 ₩ 15,000
  • Database Mirroring: Web unsupported
  • Clustering: Web unsupported
  • Replication: Web (Receive-only)
  • We recommend MS SQL instances of cloud hosting for customers who are worried about the SQL licensing reform and prices want to make a comparision of SQL Data usage and memory capacity. Learn more
  • Besides basic prices, in case of more than 6Core, it takes an additional cost per 2Core

Microsoft Forefront

* Offers anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities.
Microsoft Forefront License Pricing
Product Name Division Unit Price (VAT excluded/ month)
Client Security Host License 1 Host ₩ 5,000
* In case Window rental (ASP), free offer


  • Two types of the License incompatible uses on the same server : OS is ASP, and MS SQL is purchased installation, if mixed, violate license policy.
  • If Windows & SQL Enterprise is required : if more than 2node Clustering/ 5 CPU
  • When using unapplied license and user license is not checked in Hanbiro automatically, ASP rental contract will be terminated and you will be charged a maximum of 10 times the rate of usage.
  • ASP license can be only used in Hanbiro Inc. End of ASP, the software must be removed, and illegal when used outside Hanbiro, external services are not provided.
  • ASP is based on the Microsoft policy so its price can be changed.
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