MS SQL Cloud Hosting

Reasonable price according to the proposed MicroSoft SQL Server License policy change!

This product is recommended for Customer who are worried about the increasing price and Recent SQL licenses reorganization of MicroSoft Corp. in order to compare with SQL data usage and memory usage.

Examples of comparing prices of server hosting on SQL dedicated server

Examples of MS-SQL instances cloud usage

SQL Cloud Hosting
SQL Cloud Hosting
(VAT excluded/ month)
SQL Cloud Hosting
- MS-SQL 2012 Enterprise
₩ 180,000
SQL Management Service
- Server Management + SQL Management + Fault Management
₩ 150,000

₩ 330,000

Examples of using Private Server Hosting + MS-ASP

서버 임대 + SQL 서버
Server rental + SQL Server
(VAT excluded / month)
Server rental
- OS rental included (₩ 25,000)
₩ 155,000
- MS-SQL 2012 Standard Editon
₩ 290,000
Managed Server
- Server Management + SQL Management + Fault Management
₩ 200,000

₩ 645,000
  • There may be some differences between service costs according to your selection
  • A comparision of using MS-ASP in existing single server hosting and using the SQL instance cloud hosting shows that we can get a monthly cost savings of ₩ 165,000, and this figure will be 1.98 million won a year by a simple calculation.
  • You can select a wide range of prices classified according to the current operating SQL data usage in a variety of product categories of various SQL Cloud Hosting.
  • If you are using SQL Cloud service, we recommend that you migrate to a single server as the service will increase in the future.
  • Because it is not individual Web DB hosting service, Hanbiro only allocates DB server resources. Therefore, SQL server operating, such as individual DB configuration within the resources allocated to the customer and DB status monitoring, is the service are directly proceed by customers..

In case of load generated on server by using excessive query, there may be a limit on service usage.

Pricing Table by product

Pricing Table by product
Product Type SOHO type Basic Medium Large
MS-SQL Windows 2012 Datacenter + MS-SQL 2012 Enterprise
Memory 2GB 4GB 6GB 8GB
Data Size 5GB 20GB 40GB 100GB
Moon Sori
1544-4755 Ext. 505
(English Consultation Available)