Remote Server Management/ Operation/ Building

Remote Server Management Operation Service

서버를 직접 구매한 밴더 : 하드웨어 관리 / 한비로 서버 관리 운영 서비스 : 원격 서버 관리 운영 서비스 제공, 서버 하드 웨어 장애시 벤더에게 통보, 고객에게 운영 보고서 제출, 결과 보고 / 고객 : 로컬에서 해야 하는 간단한 작업, 한비로에 작업 의외
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This is outsourcing service in Hanbiro with many technical problems while operating server.

Pay the regular monthly fee and all complaints about the server as a service left to professional systems engineer of Hanbiro and if customer side does not require some work, through operational reports are sent each month, customers can check all information about service or server status.

24/7 Emergency support system of Hanbiro in case of server failure, Hanbiro professional system engineers will notify to customer immediately by SMS and do emergency restoration work, then we will inform the customer through report of information about the treatment mentioned above. (However, customers have purchased hardware failures occasionally will be referred to the appropriate vendor) Wherever server is located, if you allow remote support, the service is available. Service details are as follows.

OS management, upgrade, patche, and software management/ leasing, server re-settting integrate separate server migration, server extension, optimization of operating equipment, respond to the se curity / virus and running, backup, database management

Remote Server Building Service

Customers do not need to use the fixed services of Hanbiro, just use their desired services in the sort term.

Hanbiro is the first professional company in Korea developed product of server management operation services. Current server management number is approximately 5,000, we are providing assured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year services for our customers and aiming at the best business, best server operations and the best expenses.

Is there any problem with your server at the present? Are you worried about technical problems? Let's try to knock off with Hanbiro. We would like to give you well-defined answer and establishing / changing / consulting.

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