The difference of the server hosting

  • In the settings of server, we provide management + operation, fault handling, everything from software by One-Stop.
  • Please do not worry anymore about server management and operations. Hanbiro will solve everything for you.
  • You can get professional technical services through experienced system engineers.
  • Reliable service operations via Version Control System is avaible.
Server hosting and differences
Support Services Service Details Server Hosting (Unmanaged) Management Server Hosting
System requirements for server hosting operations OS default installation Basic support Basic support
OS reinstall Charged
Various upgrade patch Charged
Security Settings Charged
Kernel recompilation Charged
Kernel Upgrade Charged
Trouble Shooting Charged
Server hosting settings iis settings, adjust permissions, httpd settings
ftp settings, named sets
streaming, user settings
mail user settings, mysql DB settings
mssql DB settings, payment systems
Charged Basic support
Various software, related to the application module The default installation Non-selective support fee Basic support
Re-setting Charged
Upgrade Patch Charged
Trouble Shooting Charged
Hardware Management information Hardware error diagnosis, replacing the hardware separately, hardware upgrades, replacing full hardware Charged Basic support
Server Management + Operations Assign professional server administrator None (Customers self manage) Assign Hanbiro engineers who will be responsible
The default server monitoring Basic support Basic + In-depth monitoring
Monitoring fault alarm Customer self-check processing Dedicated processing in Hanbiro
Automatic server daemon management tools None Specialized monitoring operation
Security Services Process immediate updates on bugs, kernel update, Firewall service, SSL service settings, IPSEC security filtering, worm, virus. Charged Basic support
Database DB settings, DB tuning and optimization, DB recovery, DB trouble shooting Charged Basic support
Web mail block spam + CloudDisk(Company mail) Webmail + CloudDisk free support 20 users, 3GB per account free support 30 users, 3GB per account free support
Webmail ASP licenses Charged Charged(Free setting fee)
Web mail settings Charged Basic support
Web mail settings Charged Basic support
Webmail upgrade Charged Basic support
Mail Troubleshooting Charged Basic support
Virus/SpamFilter, Maillog Support Server settings Charged Basic support
License ASP Charged Charged
Upgrade Charged Basic support
Real-time web analyzer support Setting fee Free setting fee Free setting fee
All domains support All domains support
Web analyzer settings Basic support Basic support
Web analyzer upgrade Basic support Basic support
Media file link prevention solutions Links prevention solutions support Free Free
Upgrade Charged Free
Change settings Charged Free
Raid support Initial configuration, hard disk recovery and re-setting support Charged Basic support
Web cluster server Initial configuration Charged Basic support
Change configuration Charged Basic support
Reconfiguration Charged Basic support
Trouble shooting Charged Basic support
Backup management Backup settings Not supported Basic support
External backup Paid support Paid support
Confirm backup Not supported Basic support
Support for setting error Not supported Basic support
DB Cluster Server Initial configuration, Change configuration, Re-configuration, Trouble Shooting Charged Basic support
Application scripts support Run Python, Php, Asp,, Perl, Java scripts in server. Charged Basic support
Others Previous web page Charged Basic support
Process for virus, worm Basic support
SSL server settings Basic support
Firewall server Charged
Technical Support Load Balancing/ Clustering, DB Clustering, Data Duplexing System, Storage System, Disaster Recovery(DR), Windows Media DRM, Web Caching Service, Server Monitoring System, CDN / Media DRM, Virtual Network System, Virtual Servers(VPS) Partial support and paid Free
In the support content above, hardware and commercial software are provided by the customer needs
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