Customer Admin Page

IP has to be allowed in IPS or checked whether it is blocked due to the attack or not, and the number of directly blocking policy can be set

Server List

It includes customers server IP registered on IPS.

IP Allow list

You can add or delete IP Allow list in PS directly.

IP Block list

It consists of IP has been blocked in IPS. Sometimes IP can be block automatically due to the attack, it can be also added or released directly by customers. As the blocking time is displayed in the list, if you saw it recently blocked and you think it might attack your server, please do not release it. If you release, server will be attacked and harmed.

User Settings


Regardless of whether the attack occurs or not, you can choose between sending all traffic to the server without IPS blocking or IPS blocking. If there is no other special purpose, we propose to use filtering.

Foreign IP block

Foreign IP addresses sometimes host malicious attempts to hack or otherwise access web sites. If your service is for Domestic destination only, the foreign IP can be blocked.

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