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What is Circular?

Through Circular, it is possible to transfer official business or submit consent(agreement) or announce reward and punishment decisions, etc. within company
The company will select the individual within the organization chart to proceed.
When Ccircular document arrives, push notifications to mobile


Send company's announcements to all their employees
[Receipt] box is used for confirming that you have read the content
Share the same content to all recipients


Notice specific information to company or individuals
When you open a notice to read, it will be marked as [Read] without regard to checking [Receipt] box
Besides recipients, viewers can be specified to read
In order to ensure confidentiality, all notices can be created with secure password
Even though notify is sent to many recipients, the content is granted of security due to separate receiving
Monthly salary notice, business trip notice, etc. can be applied


When company or individual requires agreement of employees
When users in higher department require agreement of employees in lower department
After checked [Agreed] and save, display your name
Besides recipients, viewers can be specified to read
All agrees can be created with a secure password
Even though agree is sent to many recipients, the content is granted of security due to separate receiving
Secure agree, salary agree, etc. can be applied


Poll of Circular

Poll can be made with up to 10 items
When participate in a poll, automatically check [Receipt]
Select recipients to send Poll

Reward and Punishment

Prize, commendation, award, warning, caution, reprimand, honesty, pay cut
Company can make a formal notice to employees who achieve a successful business or enforce awards to encourage worth staffs with incentives or give employees warnings
Groupware Administrator shall appoint a reward and punishment grant makers

Other features

  • Recipients can be selected by individual or department
  • Select viewers to notify
  • Participants can create notes
  • My created circular can be saved to Archive
  • When checking [Receipt] in Agree, display name and status function
  • Multiple upload/ attach large files available
  • Attachments can be saved to CloudDisk
  • Display the most recent survey in the main page
  • Except the Creator, the others can not modify the contents
  • Maintain the security, individual agreement and notice are available
  • Set priority (Urgent/ High/ Normal/ Low) function
  • Displays the number of unread circulars
  • Circular due date settings and remaining days display function
  • Sending SMS function when creating a circular
  • When entering title, auto-save function
  • Forms registered by administrator can load and edit in the editing window
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