DB Encryption System Building

Effects of TDE(Transparent Data Encryption)

  • Maximum effect of cost (In the case of commercial solution, thousands won and application code changes are required)
  • Proven reliability and effectiveness in overseas large enterprise systems
  • Possible to control through CPU utilization, response time, backup and restore encryption

Features of TDE(Transparent Data Encryption)

  • Individual tables or columns are not full encrypted (Individual data encryption support)
  • Cannot connect (Attach) Separate database(Detach) of other servers
  • Cannot restore to other servers after backed up database
  • When configuring high availability database mirroring, keep the encryption status
  • Prevent performance degradation due to encryption (system minimizes load)
  • Manage encryption and decryption keys easily from backup file
  • Support several algorithms such as DES, Triple DES, TRIPLE_DES_3KEY, RC2, RC4, DESX, AES, ect.

TDE Architecture

TDE performance comparison

TDE 성능 비교 그래프
  • TDE Select Query : Base Workload increases by approximately 1~2%
  • TDE Update Query : Base Workload increases by approximately 4~5%
  • TDE Insert Query : Base Workload increases by approximately 9~11%
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