On-Premise and Self-Hosted on a Cloud

The software can be installed and used on server of each company.
In the case of companies with the infrastructure of their own, it can be placed inside the company for more secure.
Even if you do not have a Linux server administrator, you can enjoy Remote control and operation service of Hanbiro

If you would like to resolve your server problems

  • E-mail questions and answers : Always available for free
  • Support on Demand : Additional costs

Server Specifications

Server Specifications
CPU i5 Core or higher
RAM 4GB or higher
OS Linux CentOS 6.* (64bit)
Partition /boot 500MB
/ 15GB
/tmp 4GB
/home remaining space
Web server Apache 2.2.*
PHP 5.2.*
Mysql 5.1.*
Qmail 1.03

Additional useful tools

Groupware Auto-check tool

Due to the necessity of finding out the cause of error in groupware and giving solution, we offer a tool that automatically analyze the situation, inform and offer solutions.
Every five minutes using a TCP socket communication(TCP PORT: 57590, 57591)

  1. Automatic distribution and patch of Auto-check tool
  2. Solution of cause is auto-notified to Server Manager
  3. Check Tool performs auto-check and auto-upgrade
  4. Real-time monitoring of server status
  5. Notify to the administrator transmission and monitoring of important daemon on the server.
  6. Automatic updating of software

Qmail analysis tools

  1. Access control through tcp.smtp management
    • Check vpop, smtp authentication, block and manage blocking list
    • Manage vpop, smtp log analysis rule and exception (Automatic blocking system)
    • Manage Mail Relay IP exception(the highest priority)
    • Manage spf exception IP
  2. Mail log checking and queue management
    • Check charts, such as mailing and number of queues
    • Check mailing logs
    • Manage and check queue
  3. dnsbl Checking and list management
    • Send mail automatically after checking dnsbl
    • Manage dnsbl Checklist
  4. Returned mail error code management
    • Manage Returned mail, Returned message, Customizing list
  5. rbldns Management
    • Manage rbldns list
    • Manage and register rbldns exception IP
    • Check log
  6. Mass-mailing
    • Manage and register bulk mail and mass mail address (Auto-check and register abnormal email address)
    • Manage registration of bulk mail
    • Send background (per sec)
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