Yes, they do. They have to have their own unique domain on the Internet and customers will be accessible to the company's e-mail.
If you are using free email connected with public domain for your company's business, customers may have doubts about the existence of your company.
Customers can contact to your company via email ID@yourcompany.
Ex: If your URL address is www.yourcompanyname.com, "yourcompanyname.com" is your domain.
Hence, everyone in the company will have the email address associated with that domain. Ex:"idcreated@yourcompanyname.com"
In case that you use your own domain to other email service
  1. A domain for using email will be created in Hanbiro server.
  2. Email ID exactly likes the current email ID is set in Hanbiro server.
  3. Change the IP of your host name and host name of MX on DNS server.(offered when changing service)
    If you are migrating your domain to our DNS servers, the company that you purchased your domain will change the name server.(Name server and ID are supported)
    For example, if you domain is yourcompany.com and email is yourid@yourcompany.com, gw.yourcompany.com is created to use Groupware.
    setup process for business mail hosting
    MX gw.yourcompany.com.
    gw A Provided IP
    SPF "v=spf1 ip4:ip ip4:ip2 ~all"
  4. After logging in the set URL in the Web, Get the mail through POP3 import from the old mail server.
If you do not have a domain, sign up for the hostname DNS information that we provided when you buy a domain.
Primary DNS : ns8.hanbiro.com
Secondary DNS : ns9.hanbiro.com
After purchasing the domain
  1. Setting the purchased domain in Hanbiro DNS server
  2. Access web via the provided URL with postmaster(Groupware Administrator ID) account and add more users.
An MX record tells senders how to send email for your domain.
Your current using email ID are created and placed in Hanbiro server and MX information will be changed.
When changing MX record, mail comes to both existing mail server and Hanbiro server for a while.
After a certain time, it flows in to Hanbiro server only.
99.9% uptime guarantee.
However, Emergency Maintenance and advance notice of scheduled tasks are excluded.
SSL is supported between client and server and data is stored in server after encrypted.
In addition, secure password and Secret file encryption are supported, it is stronger than any other groupware data security.
Cover all existing largest technology to some devices according to RAID configuration of server and DRBD configuration backup and protect customer's data.
Hanbiro has developing software and operating server since 1999 and the development will continue the forever.
We promise to continue to upgrade and support Hanbiro groupware now and forever.
Yes, you can. It is able to add your company logo and slogan in homepage or Messenger or other various locations.
It may take at least one hour and up to a fews days to complete.
In case of free trial, setting the second domain of Hanbiro can be done within one hour.
There are 4 programs for Windows PC, 2 for Mac PC and about 16 apps for mobile available to download and use free of charge.
Is has more features and affordable prices
Many features are provided as such as various sharing settings, Organization chart, Holiday, HR, Time-card, Approval, ect.
Linux and Mysql are used.
This is Qmail. Qmail is the most popular email engine in the world.
Qmail can be checked through the official site.
If the mail server that supports POP3, you can import your email data.
You need to know the incoming mail server name and port number.
You can use Groupware to replace Outlook or you can also use both Outlook and groupware depending on your intention.
However, if you use Groupware, you can use web or mobile to access anywhere and anytime by storing data in the mail server, so there is no need to have a dual management of data.
Groupware and Messenger, cloud disk are these softwares to improve productivity within the company and support more effective work of the employees.
Yes, of course you can. Groupware Mail supports POP3.
However, IMAP is not supported.
Hanbiro has over 16 years experience in management server and email.
We are operating and developing the optimum blocking system of spam and virus mail processing through Trial-and-Error.
Your personal inbox spam is replaced by blocking system based on individual learning rather than general spam mail blocking in the server-side.
Mail in Spam mailbox is deleted automatically with periodically filtered spam.
Every day, spam mail list is updated and received mail is checked.
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Yes, you can create a virtual account in the groupware administrator page.
In addition, when creating a department in an organization chart, an virtual account for all users within the department has been created and are available.
Telephone support is within business hours, Monday through Friday, Online counseling support one by one is available 24 hours a day, 365 days.
Click on the link "Online counseling support one by one" in the upper right corner of homepage to apply this service.
If you send an inquiry via 「Contact Us」, you will receive an answer by email.
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Support via phone, email and chatting are free, Visit education costs may be charged depending on the number and distance.
If you have trouble with your server, you can get help from professional server administrators of hanbiro.
Hanbiro is an expert in the management and operation of the server with a group of more than 5,000 servers.
We support via email or telephone and web chat.
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