Product Features

Build secure Cloud only for the employees within the company

  • An integrated management services of all documents within company in the central sever
  • Save all encrypted files in CloudDisk server
  • Prepare for disaster by building Disaster Recovery System effectively

Auto-sync with the cloud server

Auto-sync the selected folder on desktop and CloudFolder on Cloud server
When you take any action such as Move, Copy, Update or Create to the selected folder on your desktop, it will immediately sync with Cloud server

Attachments available in the Groupware

Files on CloudDisk can be attached to a variety of groupware compose windows

Auto-sync with mobile app

싱크중인 파일과 싱크 완료된 파일을 아이콘으로 표시

Automatically sync files added CloudFolder of the PC from your mobile

Save all files encrypted to the server of CloudDisk

Upload → Encrypt → Save(Cloud Server) → Decrypt → Download

Files and folders can be shared among employees with different permissions

Available wide range of collaboration among employees through shared folders
Specific permissions can be set for specific users

Able to share folders with external users

External users and share folders :
External users are connected via a CloudDisk guest URL
Permissions can be set for guests and then share

Send files to external users :
Link address of file can be sent to external users via email and it is possible to specify number of downloads and downloadable date

History Information

Record updated information about all folders and files associated with it

Mobile Notifications

알림 폴더로 설정된 폴더의 이력 정보를 CloudDisk앱의 업데이트 메뉴에서 확인 가능

If you set receiving notifications only from your interest folder, the updated in the folder can be checked separately

Automatically upload mobile photo folder

Default photo folder/gallary of mobile automatically uploads to CloudFolder -> Camera folder
Automatically save to auto-sync folder on your PC

Other features

  • File lock : Copy and Modify prohibition
  • Send a file as a web link
  • File Encryption : Open a file with your secret password
  • Memo by each file
  • Restore recycle bin
  • Edit image : Rotate, crop, resize
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