Is your server secure enough?
Is the server properly managed?
Loss of
Failure of
Difficulty of
server management
Assign engineer who experts in system takes responsibility 1:1.

Event server management operations, after all it is done by human.
The skilled engineers with more than 10 years of operating experience in server do provide for customers with the best-effor services.

Necessary advanced technology of server operations support

When operating server, we are sure to support considered essential advanced technology services.
We support high-tech services necessary for the operations such as clustering, DB encryption system building, distributed data cloud service, DR(Disaster Recovery)system which are suibtable for your own server.

Optimize services through thousands of server management operational know-how

Thousands of single client - server management over more than ten years + operational services provided.
Now, we will provide the know-how accumulated during many years as it is at your service.
The server must be configured appropriately for services, the optimization is necessary.
Like the proverb, "Handsome is as handsome does", we guarantee to optimize server operation by know-how of Hanbiro only.

Optimize for each service operation / Stable server operating with depth control service

Server failures and problem ares predicted in advance as soon as possible.
In order to do that, it equires a variety of monitoring and control systems, and what is more, accurate monitoring and control can not be done by simple services for each server at the same time.
Provide specialized services which are suitable for your service, your server and your operating condition.
Optimize for various different conditions and provide control services are able to do an in-depth analysis in each stage.

Guarantee of effective server operating presented to an appropriate management plan for customer

You have to expand your server, so are you adding a disk to do that?
Currently lack of memory but you still want to expand your server?
Let's try the proposed operating plan for solving problems and exact state through operating know-how of Hanbiro only.
Would you like to go back to your goal? Hanbiro will show you the obvious shortcut.

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