DDoS defend

Hanbiro will introduce the IPS for Self-developed DDoS.

  1. 1st block - bandwidth ddos attacks such as UDP, ICMP in the top of IDC backbone (Block Type: UDP, ICMP blocking)
  2. 2nd block - only incoming malicious traffic less than 5G in Hanbiro 10G Juniper routers (Block Type: Block all protocols such as UDP, ICMP, TCP, IGMP, etc.)
  3. Only traffic less than 1G is flowed in Hanbiro IPS system, and only normal traffic is delivered to the customer server. (TCP attack protection details: Block all TCP DOS attacks such as flooding attack, cc attack, etc.)

Hanbiro has a great deal of practical experience of DDoS. We conducted a defense against a variety of attacks with IPS for Self-developed DDoS. We will maintain a seamless service of the server with 10GB network laid on Hanbiro know-how and technology. Block things generated larger than 10Gb of traffic in top-stage backbone and it is able block up to 99% of 10 GB of traffic by the router for the 10 GB.

In order to build a strong defense system when operating at best domestic IDC, 100 gigabytes of malicious traffic blocking service is operated by dual IDC.

Recent DDoS attack is a complex type of attack rather than a single type of attack. Bandwidth attacks and detailed TCP attack is made at the same time. The larger line infrastructure must be configured for Korean DDoS attack rather than DDoS attacks. In order to do this, the defense system can be configured with only smooth cooperation system of IDCs.

Hanbiro is not a hazardous service.
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