Privacy Policy

Hanbiro Inc. (also referred to as "", "the Company" or "Hanbiro") determines and commits its Privacy Policy with the outmost respect for our users in accordance with the Protection of Communication Secrets Act, Electronic Communications Business Act, Information Communications Network Use Promotion Law, Information Protection Act, and other relevant personal information security laws pertaining to communications services in the Republic of Korea.
Hanbiro Privacy Policy contains the following information:

1. Acquisition and Gathering Methods of Personal Information

A. Personal information items collected

1) Hanbiro service request or management

  • Required items : Applicant name, email, mobile number, phone number, company name, fax number, domain, address
  • Optional items : Dependent on request

2) Hanbiro service and operations management

  • Required items : Company name, representative email, customer member page ID, password

3) The personal information items listed below are automatically created and collected when using Internet services.

  • IP address, cookies, MAC address, service records, history, etc.

B. Methods of collecting personal information

Hanbiro collects personal information in the manner described as below:

  • Through web hosting / server hosting request forms as filled by customers
  • Through secure SSL request forms and other work requests

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • Personal information will be collected directly from the individual concerned.
  • A. Hanbiro service request or management

    Hanbiro uses the following: user identification, identifcation authentication, membership qualification, retention and management, and a Limited Identity Verification system in order to prevent unauthorized user usage, deliver notifications, and resolve issues in accordance with our services.

    B. Payment collection for Hanbiro services

    To provide server hosting/Web hosting services, we use personal information in the following ways: contract and billing, payment and accounts, and fee collection.

    C. Consultation management

    For Hanbiro service users, we use personal information in the following ways: user identify confirmation, contact information, and consultation notifications.

    3. Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

    Hanbiro uses personal information within the range noticed by "2.Collection and Use of Personal Information". The personal information is not used beyond the range without the user's prior consent. In principle, the personal information is not opend to the public. However, if the following cases are the exception.

    • When users agree to the disclosure in advance
    • When it is required under the relevant statutes or requested for investigation purposes by law-enforcement agencies according to the procedure or method provided under the relevant statutes

    4. Entrusting the handling of personal information

    Hanbiro has implemented the following procedures to improve the service, stipulated necessary details in accordance with relevant laws for to ensure that personal information can be managed safely in a consignment contract.

    Hanbiro Personal information entrusted processing and business details are as follows:

    A. Details relating to Hanbiro service operation in general

    Companies handling personal information entrusted agencies and referral service description table
    Entrusted companies Entrusted business contents Handling and retention period of Personal Information
    Customers who apply for a hanbiro Services System operation, customer service response
    Failure handling and technical support
    SMS transmission, etc.
    Untill withdrawal of membership or termination of consignment contract
    NICE Information Service (Namecheck/ ID check) Real name confirmation Do not save personal information because the company already has it
    Affiliated Telecommunication Company, Credit Card Company Verification  

    B. When signing a consignment contract, according to section 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, Hanbiro specifies details that prohibiting the personal information processing except for the purpose of entrusted business, technical·administrative protection measures, re-entrusted limit, managing· supervising the trustee, compensation the document such as contracts.

    다. If the contents of the consignment service or the consignee change, Hanbiro will implement it through this personal information processing policy without delay.

    5. Personal information Retention and Retention Period

    Personal Information collected under the consent of member shall be retained and used by Hanbiro within the retention and usage period according to the laws and regulations. Handling personal inf:ormation and retention periods are as follows:

    A. Hanbiro service application and management is until the termination of service provider / organization / individual service, but until the end of the relevant case, if it for the following reasons

    1. If investigation or conduct are ongoing in violation of related laws, until the end of it.
    2. If the claim · obligation relationship is remaining due to the service use, until the the claim · obligation relationship is calculated.

    B. Reasons for Information retention by the relevant laws

    (1)The retention period according to the regulation of relevant laws such as Commercial law, the law on the consumer protection in the online business transactions, etc. is as follows:

    • Records regarding contract or withdrawal of subscription
      • Reason for retention: The law on the consumer protection in the online business transactions
      • Retention Period : 5 years
    • Records regarding payments and provisions of goods
      • Reason for retention: The law on the consumer protection in the online business transactions
      • Retention Period: 5 years
    • Records regarding the electronic financial transaction
      • Reason for retention: Electronic Financial Transaction Act
      • Retention Period: 5 years
    • Records of consumers’ complaints or results of disputes
      • Reason for retention: The law on the consumer protection in the online business transactions
      • Retention Period: 3 years
    • Reason for retention: The law regarding the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data Protection
      • Reason for retention: The communication secret protection law
      • Retention period : 6 months
    • Records regarding the homepage visits
      • Reason for retention: The communication secret protection law
      • Retention period: 3 months

    6. Procedures and Methods for Destroying Personal Information

    The Company will immediately destroy personal information when the personal information becomes unnecessary as the personal information retention period expires, or the purpose of processing thereof is achieved.

    A. Procedures and Methods for Destroying Personal Information

    (1) Destroy Procedures
    1. Hanbiro selects a reason for destroying personal information and destroys the personal information with the approval of the Chief Privacy Officer of Hanbiro.
    2. The user-entered information shall be moved to a separate DB (A separate paper documents) after achieving the purpose of its usage and will be destroyed after a certain period of time in accordance with the internal policies and other relevant regulations. At this point, DB transferred personal information will not be used for other purposes unless differently requested by laws.
    (2) Destroy Methods
    1. Personal information record·stored in electronic file forms is destroyed by a technology that can not reproduce the record.
    2. Personal information recorded·stored in paper documents is crushed with a shredder or incinerated.

    7. Rights and Obligations of Users, Method of exercising the rights

    Rights and obligations of users and Method of exercising the rights are listed as follows.

    A.As the subject of personal information, users can exercise the following rights at any time.

    1. Request to access to his/her personal information
    2. Request the correction of information if error exhist
    3. Request to delete upon termination of services
    4. Request to stop processing

    B.The exercise of rights under section (A) may be made in a document, e-mail, or facsimile(FAX) according to the article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act, and Hanbiro will take action without delay.

    C.If the information subject requests correction or deletion of personal information errors. Hanbiro will not use or provide the personal information until the correction or deletion is completed.

    D.The exercise of rights under section (A) may be made through the legal representative of the information and legal subject, or with the agent such as the person entrusted. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney according to article 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

    8. Technical/ Administrative protection measures for Personal Information

    In order to prevent Hanbiro customers' personal information from loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage, the company takes the following technical/ administrative measures.

    A. Technical measures

    We implement activities such as access control, identification, authentication, permission management, and security programs thoroughly to ensure the safe transmission of personal information over the network.

    B. Administrative measures

    Hanbiro Personal Information Handling Policy has always emphasized the observance through internal management plan establishment and enforcement, regular staff training, etc.

    9. Private Information Manager and Contact Information

    Hanbiro has appointed a department and a manager to take charge of the administration of personal information in order to protect the customers’ personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information. The company will be always willing to respond to customers' complaints as soon as possible.

    A. Hanbiro is responsible to oversee the work relating to handling of personal information. For complaints and remedies, including information relating to handling of personal information, please contact to the Privacy Officer as follows.

    Private Information Manager and Contact Information
    Private Information Manager
    Name : Kwon Tae Yong Position : Director
    Telephone : 1588-3820 Affiliation : Information Management Team
    E-mail :  

    B. How to remedy rights violations

    Please direct your inquiries to the following center if you have anything to report or need a consultation regarding the infringement of other Personal Information.

    • Call Center for the Infringement of Personal Information ( / 118)
    • Information Protection Mark Certification Committee ( / 02-580-0533~4)
    • High-Tech Crime Investigation Department at the Supreme Prosecutor’s office ( / 02-3480-2000)
    • National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center ( / 02-392-0330)

    10. Notice of Obligation

    The Company will notify any additions, deletions or corrections to the current Personal Information Handling Policy at the Public Notice column of its website at least 7 days before any such changes. However, if there is a significant change in Collecting and Handling Personal Information relating to the user right, such as a third party service, it will be noticed at least 30 days.

    • Announcement Date: August 22, 2012
    • Effective Date: August 29, 2012