General Backup Service

Customer has to add and install backup hard in operating server and backup service installs automatic daemon at the desired time.
This service backs up data in the client-server to one of storage servers of Hanbiro twice a week.

(VAT excluded/ month)
Microsoft Forefront License Price
  Linux Server / Windows 2012 Server
Price Japan : ¥ 5,000 / Vietnam : 1,000,000 VND
Capacity 300GB
Features Data is stored on the backup server of hanbiro. Hanbiro is responsible for the data storage

Self backup service in the server of server hosting is free of charge.

Backup Services

  1. Local(internal) backup: The method of running continous backup with a fixed schedule by mounting a separate IDE hard in server can lead to damage and destruction when put to malicious hacking.
  2. External backup: Backing up your server to seperate backup server of Hanbiro with a fixed schedule is the best way to make sure your data is safe and secure .
  3. You have the advantage of being able to recover quickly when the data loss is due to operator error or main hard was broken by installing automatic daemon and additional backup hard on servers as a way that customers want to back up your files at any time. Therefore, when you configure the server, installing a backup in the client-server is the basics. In order to prevent data loss due to malicious hacking, second backup or third backup in many places is a choice to keep your server safely.
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