Email Features

Approximately 95% of spam mail will be blocked

We provide spam blocking customized by each individual, each domain with 15 years of experience in intelligent spam blocking

Approximately 99% of virus mails will be blocked

Update and block virus attached email every day

Attachments have a large capacity will be automatically transferred as link

When you attach a file have a large capacity, it will be stored in the server then a link is generated automatically and attached in your mail.(If a large capacity files are attached directly and sent, mail will not reach the recipient's server due to excess allowed capacity)

Mobile app push notifications

With a variety of settings, you can set to receive notification from only the email address that you wish

Other features

  • All your mail is saved on big data type database and thousands of mail is available for Quich Search and List View
  • Connect to CRM through list of mail associated with customers
  • It is able to load your company form and compose mail
  • When generating departments in organization chart, create a mail for the whole department and all members of the department can use this email address ( It means if you send email to this email address, all members of the same department can receive the email)
  • For the email address which you have sent and the email address stored in the Whitelist, when a mail is sent from the address as mentioned above, it will be stored in Inbox
  • Quick Search is provided for all mail
  • Can check whether a recipient has opened the mail or not(In some cases, cannot confirm due to recipient's e-mail program settings)
  • Select email address from organization chart and send
  • Attach a file from CloudDisk to mail and send
  • When composing mail, it will be automatically saved in server so it is able to reload in case the content is unexpectedly lost
  • Images can be inserted when composing mail on web or mobile
  • Gather blocked spam mail list in the past and send via mail (If normal mail is classified as spam, it will be sent as normal mail)
  • Block about 95% of spam mail by arranging mail in one week (When mail in normal mailboxes is marked as spam, it will be moved to "Spam" mailbox)
  • When sending mail, if you want to receive mail by other email address, it can be specified easily
  • Auto sort, Vacation autoreplies, Block address, Create new folder(or mailbox) available
  • After creating mail, you can set the schedule to send
  • Backup mail in a specific folder on your PC
  • Whitelist is managed to classify normal mail
  • After sending email to other user in the same domain, you can cancel it before they read it
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