DR(Disaster Recovery) System Building

We build IDC/ Region Disaster Recovery System and provide a complete nonstop system.

Disaster Recovery (DR) : The only disaster recovery solution when IDC has failure
  • Disaster recovery system built by IDC
  • Provide complete nonstop system
  • Provide free DE services for customers of Hanbiro

Disaster Recovery Service is Disaster Recovery System. Nonstop service is available for separate servers in each IDC, each ITS and each branch. You can configure the data redundancy. It resolves issues caused by sudden network disconnection, instability of network nodes, equipment down, blackout, ect.

Disaster Recovery System between IDC

If you use the Disaster Recovery Services of Hanbiro, you can implement a non-stop service that fully responds to all the uncertainties through duplication between physically separated IDC and configuration diversification. In addition, Hanbiro provides you the best solution to the desired fault-tolerant system with duplication services between companies, branches or ITSs.

Disaster Recovery system between branches

Important data in each branch can be stored in the headquarters in real time, and nonstop system is implemented to handle when failure occurs in each branch.

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