company board-notice board, free boardr, secure board, 1:1 board, my board: Notify

Secret post for absolute security, secure post for double security

  • Secret post : can be only read with a set password for each post
  • secure post : can be only read with secure password of reader

Generating a variety of documents within company

다양한 문서함 회사 게시판에 생성

Various board settings such as knowledge, communication, discussion, ect.
Read / Write / Delete permissions can be set for each individual

Mobile push notifications for new posts

안드로이드 푸시 알림 화면

When new posts are registered in Company Board, mobile notification to all staffs who has read permission.

A variety of board types can be generated, folders and categories can be also created and sorted by category

Company Board

Board is devided and managed according to Notice, Free and Secure
Each user can be given different permissions such as Read, Write and Delete.
The board administrator can specify permissions and folders in Company Board can be used only by the administrator
Anonymous posts folders can be used
Folders can be sorted by category

Dept. Board (Department Board)

This board are operated by members of this deparment
When registering a department in organization chart, Dept. board is also generated automatically
Higher department members can read or write in lower department board
The administrator can set board to be viewed by other departments
Department head has a permission to set categorization of their department board

My Board

Each user manages their board and share with other users
Shared users can be given different permissions (Read/ Write/ Delete)
Anonymous posts folders can be used
Folders can be sorted by category

Shared Board

Other users are also able to create a folder and share with you
Aaccording to the intention of the constructor, you can have Read, Write or Delete permissions

Other features

  • When registering a comment or reply, secret post can be written
  • Board viewing history lookup possible
  • Select notification options,
  • Each folder shows the number of unread posts
  • Department board can be set to be hidden or not by Groupware administrator
  • Select Folder type(List Type, Photo Type, Anonymous Type) to create board
  • Upload multiple files
  • Select attachments from CloudDisk or PC and send
  • View by Category
  • When writing boards on the web, it is able to load company forms and create board
  • Each board folder can be stopped using and sharing
  • Board folder can produce unlimited number of tree
  • Groupware administrator can delete individual board folder
  • Function of sending email with board link to a specific user
  • Your written posts can be moved to other folders
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