Development plan details

CRM(Customer Relationship Management) - Will be released in June

Hanbiro has created a business software which not only provides maximum effects but also reduces IT cost to minumum value in the meantime.
With the goal of providing a low cost of expensive CRM and Big Data in next year, the developement in under progress.
Until now big data based program and CRM plan are being conducted.
Development started in earnest in March 2014 but there was a delay due to several design changes.
Reporting is available with a variety of statistics on the various Big Data by saving all customers contacts in Big data such as mail, messenger, Internet, phone, web application, web complains, social meeting materials, etc.

Circular Survey Upgrade

Multiple choice and answers according to questions has been completed.

Develoing a new versions of Messenger

Until now, if you connect to Messenger in mobile when you are online in PC, the connection in PC will be closed. Now, messenger is available to online on multiple devices at the same time thanks to new changes in Messenger.
Currently, six developers are under development to be completed arround mid-year.

Mobile phone apps and Messenger features

Available using mobile and PC between members totally free of charge.

Further development project features

Start a development of the first half among many needs of customers in the meanwhile.

Expense report

Expense reports, including company cards concerned about company public funds is reported directly to the Finance Division.

Resource Management

The company's assets will be managed.

Evaluate Groupware usage

Groupware is collaboration between members and an intermediary to transfer information within a company, thence the company's system will be established.
Rules for using the groupware through this feature will be induced to defend themselves.
In addition, the company will improve the company's competitiveness by keeping personalization to induce an aggressive use of groupware and having a sense of community.

Hanbiro will continue to make your own software in the future.
Approximately 50 developers of Hanbiro are working hard to make the best of Hanbiro software development

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