Network Component

Hanbiro holds the office and server room in LG U + KIDC Seocho center and Gasan center, and the line has been provided up to 40GB(Seocho center 10GB single + 20GB / Gasan center 10GB).

KIDC national backbone network

Hanbiro is able to manage a customer's server to be more stable with the best technology of the best network in Korea.

KIDC is being operated independently in KIDC NAP (Network Access Point) and by integrating and DACOM IX to KIDC backbone, a complete domestic connection environment was established. Through this, KIDC network can configure the direct one-hop connectivity to all domestic ISP and major institutions, the businesses who require superspeed network can make Private Peering of OC-48 (2.5 Gbps) or more. The KIDC is stable for all domestic users, provides faster service.

In addition, when compared with other business who has been provided with a plurality of Transit service, it can provide a more reliable quality of service.

KT 700G, SKB 470G, 온세 80G, 세종 20G, 드림라인 20G, 티브로드 80G, C&M 100G, CJ헬로비전 60G, HCN 40G Base Date : 2014.11.17 | Data Source : LG U+ IDC

KIDC international backbone network

For international access, through the US POP Node of the best in country, we have entered into with more than 60 international carriers and peering, and provide faster service.

International backbone linkage current status

International backbone linkage current status
Country Linked business Linked bandwidth Remark
Total 142G -
United States of America More than 110 businesses such as UUNet, Sprint, AT&T, Level3, Qwest, Global Crossing, ect. 60G Us PoP
China China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom 30G Submarine cable direct linkage
Japan KDDI, SoftBank Telecom 18G
Japan PCCW, Reach Networks, Pacnet, Reliance, VzB, TATA, HKBN, ect. 25G HK PoP
Taiwan Hinet-P, Tw-Gate 3G
Other Asia SingTel, StarHub, TM, CAT, PLDT, Telstra 6G Submarine cable direct linkage
Base Date : 2014.11.17 | Data Source : LG U+ IDC
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