Data Dual Service

You can deal with 100% of all failures caused by sudden server shutdown and system shutdown.

Sudden server shutdown
  • Mainboard error
  • Power supply down
  • H/W card resource error
  • Disk error
  • All H/W Trouble
Sudden system shutdown
  • File system error
  • System(OS) fail
  • Application error
  • Service down
  • 74
  • All S/W trouble
Failover feature
Failure rate: 0%
All H/W, S/W failure which may occur on the server will be fully corresponded
System service
Durability: 100%
Complete system mirroring

features of Hanbiro data dual processor system

System raid form between separate servers to the network is configured and flexible in reliability of data and fault. By creating dual data on a physical server and configuring to synchronize data between two servers, so we can handle quickly when an error occurs in the server or hardware.
A more reliable service will be enabled, and nonstop service without failure is highly recommended if desired.
Data dual processor system is free supportedfor customers of Hanbiro.

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