Automatically sync with Calendar in mobile

그룹웨어 일정과 모바일 일정 자동 동기화

Select the desired folder and it can be synchronized automatically with your mobile

일정 모바일 동기화할 폴더 선택

It is possible to create a new folder in Personal folder or Company to share with other employees.

일정함과 폴더들

Company Calendar, Dept. Calendar, My Calendar, Shared Calendar, Public Calendar

Company Calendar

Transfer the official schedule of Company
Groupware administrator can create a folder
Folders can be sorted by category
Holiday management and interlocked Holiday Calendar
Only the specified manager can register in Company Calendar
Only users who have permission can be set to read Company Calendar

Dept. Calendar

Only those employees in the same department can operate their dept. calendar
Members in higher department can read and write on calendar of lower one.
Department heads can classify by category Dept. Calendar
Administrator can set other department view permission of each member differently

My Calendar

Each user can manage their schedule share with others
In folder set to share, you can set Read/ Write/ Delete permissions for other users differently
Personal folder tree can be created
Folders can be sorted by category
Start Date, End Date can be displayed in ToDo, Circular
When registering in calendar, notifications can be set (Messenger, Whisper, Pop-up, SMS, mail notification)

Other features

  • Schedule can be registered to the desired time zone
  • For schedule written in other time zones can be displayed in your time zone
  • Function of displaying schedule in different time zones
  • Display schedule corresponding to your position
  • When registering schedules, they can be saved in many folders at the same time
  • Select specific folders and view at the same time
  • Possible to view calendar as Monthly / Weekly / Daily / List mode
  • When registering a department, Dept. Calendar is also generated automatically
  • After creating a new folder, you can also disable the folder (by turn off "Use")
  • Show all schedules which are shared to me
  • Repeat events can be registered (Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly)
  • Notification setting available (Mail/ Whisper/ Messenger/ Pop-up/ SMS)
  • Function of sending mail notification to participants when registering schedule
  • Function of sending SMS to other people when registering a new schedule in Calendar
  • Display Holiday schedule in each country by administrator registration
  • Prioritization function
  • Company/ Dept./ My/ Shared Calendar can be selected to copy
  • Company/ Dept./ My/ Shared / can be saved as an Excel file in a certain month
  • Approved vacation schedule display
  • Administrators can hide certain departments in My Calendar
  • Show schedule of the selected folder at the same time in the first page
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