Managed Colocation

Hanbiro does give ‘Server Management Operation Service’ for customers who are using or purchasing server
Management type colocation price and service information
Classification Management type colocation
Price (VAT not included) 1U, 2U Rack Server : ₩ 300,000 / month (Server management operation cost included)
Line 1,000Mbit Sec Dedicated / 10M (1₩ 10,000 additional charged per 1M)
Optional services
  • N onstop previous service free support
  • Custom settings service free support
  • When requesting Hanbiro Groupware, 20 users free supportView details
  • When requesting Hanbiro mail, 30 users free support View details
  • Web Analyzer free support
Payment of charge Discount when paying in advance.
  • Card & in case pay in advance without bankbook 6 ~ 11 months : Monthly fee 5% discount
  • Card & in case pay in advance without bankbook 1 year : Monthly fee 10% discount
  • The monthly fee has to be paid in advance and VAT is not included.
  • Trial period is 7 days.
  • In case of more than 3U server case addtional fee will be added.
  • In case of PC Case, if Rack Case is recommended, when exchanging, case price is ₩ 100,000. (VAT not included)

Basic provided service

  1. Provide recent updates + security patch applied to completed status
  2. MRTG traffic chart
  3. Provide client server page
  4. Server monitoring, web monitoring
  5. Provide name server
  6. Provide one public IP address
  7. MS-Forfront
  8. Firewall settings (built-in firewall settings on your OS)
  9. Hanbiro Groupware 20 users
  10. Hanbiro Mail 30 users
  11. Hanbiro Messenger 50 users
  12. PC remote support
  13. Intelligent DNS
  14. Server reboot

Hanbiro Server Administrator Page

The server manager page is provided to all customers who are currently using Hanbiro server management operation service. View Demo
Server Manager Page Function
Function Description
Customer Information Customer Information Edit/ Delete, incharge person information Edit/ Delete
Network Management Server traffic confirmation, performance monitor of each equipment
Server Management Backup details, port status, process condition
Work Request Processing report on the work request, work inquiry
Operation Report Submit monthly operating reports
Moon Sori
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