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Necessity of Archive

There are many documents have existed for so long in the database that is not used.
Pull out the old documents in the database and save these files in a separate folder
Backup is possible thanks to re-organizing documents.

Advanced Search

It is really simple, just enter the keyword and now you can search in whole folders
Select a folder to search
Select the desired period to search
And more other search conditions that you can use with Advanced Search

Storage encryption

All documents in Archive are stored after encrypted so extremely safe
It is very safe even when downloading because the file was encrypted
Can be viewed through a separate document viewer
All documents available for download during a groupware service termination (Dedicated viewer provided)

Archive folders

Company Archives for company usage

All groupware documents can be transferred
All users can view and search all folders and list of documents
When you want to read a file in private folder, you have to request to read and after manager approved your request, you can read it.
Readable documents can be downloaded and printed
Managers of each folder (senior management, general manager) are able be specified
And each folder can be specified read permission

My Archives for personal usage

Enter your secure password and use for your safety
Your transferred documents can be viewes at any time
Possible to download and print all documents

Other features

  • Possible to download and print all documents
  • AND/ OR search keywords can be applied
  • Groupware administrator can specify the maximum Manager/ General Manager
  • Top administrator can View/ Delete/ Move/ Accept to read all documents
  • When requesting to read a documents, its general manager can approve or reject your request
  • Archives Manager can specify for whole folders
  • Each folder in Company Archives can be specified permissions to departments (Authority departments can view documents within the selected folder)
  • Color classification of default folder of My Archives icon
  • After scanning paper documents, create a document and upload it as an image file with notes, curriculum vitae, ect.
  • Can reestablish the position of the uploaded image file when creating documents
  • Possible to create a document as a Office file
  • Able to request to view documents in Whole folder, specific folder, subfolder
  • Time setting available when requesting to read
  • Top administrators can Read/ Delete/ Move/ Accept to read all documents in the selected foldders
  • When creating a new folder, it is able to select puclic or non public
  • Can create directory tree in My Archives
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