Windows DRM

This service can manage securely and protect your digital content from piracy and theft.

What is Windows Media DRM?

DRM is Digital Rights Management to protect digital content from piracy and theft.

Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a proven platform that provides safe and protects the content for playback on a computer or portable device or a network device. Owners create the high-quality content and of course they want to protect it safely.

  • Windows Media DRM is provided by technology, operating specifications provided by Microsoft only.
  • Hanbiro does not provide to add or modify Microsoft technology, as well as we does not guarantee of Microsoft Technology.

DRM is implemented as follows:

Windows Media Right Management can do a variety of flexible content protection.

다양하고 유연한 콘텐츠 보호 - 재생 횟수 제한, 시간 제한 재생, 파일 복사 제한, 파일 전송 제한, 파일 녹화 제한...

Features and strengths of DRM

  • There is no need a separate installation because it is implemented directly in Windows Media Player.
  • The service is fully compatible with Windows through the Windows Media Technology.
  • Available a variety of flexible content protection and management.
  • Media content is protected with strong encryption algorithms.
관리 - 안전한 관리, 정보 보안, 저작권 보호 / 보호 - 수익성 증대, 사업 보호, 비용 감소

Service methods

Now if you are using the service by running Windows Media Player to play movies or educational videos or music files, this will be able to have several problems.

Windows media server - 영화 동영상, 교육 동영상, 음악 파일 → Client가 윈도우 미디어 플레이어 실행
Services Example
Issues When there is damage to the customer Hanbiro Service
Anyone can be accessed by unauthorized links from other sites Network traffic increased from unauthorized links and costs incurred by additional server Can not link to solution StopLink prevented by unauthorized links
Record a video or turn around and view illegal distribution Illegal distribution of the source content of revenue leads to decrease potential customer acquisition Prevent recording by applying DRM
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