This is Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V-based virtualization server hosting services. There is no significant difference between Guest OS and the actual physical server hosting, provide a Westmere Xeon basic equipment is based on the Intel VT-d technology (Close to 90% of the performance of the actual physical equipment)
Please check whether or not the simple CPU-based virtualization services is, and the motherboard chipset are supported Full virtualization.

Virtualization technology using Hyper-V in Windows
(VAT excluded/ month)
₩ 40,000
  • Free support Windows Server Standard 2003, 2008, 2012 OS (optional), SQL DB fee required
  • 1 vCORE / E5620
  • 1,024MB
  • 80GB
  • 2Mbps (1 month: 600G)
    There is no threshold limit for the basic traffic / It is able to use maximum without impacting on other Guest OS in a line
  • 1Gbps (SHARE)
  • Free
  • None
(VAT excluded/ month)
₩ 60,000
  • Free support Windows Server Standard 2003, 2008, 2012 OS (optional), SQL DB fee required
  • 2 vCORE/ E5620
  • 2,048MB
  • 160GB
  • 3Mbps (900G for one month)
    There is no limited threshold for traffic / It is possible to use maximum value without affecting other Guest OS in the line
  • 1Gbps (SHARE)
  • Free
  • None
Advance Rates (valid only if paid in advance) - Discounts up to 17%
  • 6 months contract: 1 months free
  • One-year contract: 2 months free

Charged additional DB

  • SQL 2008/2012 Express: Free (* License - commercial service violations linked. Customer installs directly)
  • SQL 2008/2012 Web for lease: ₩ 20,000 / month (* License - Apply for web linked)
  • SQL 2008/2012 Standard for lease: ₩ 290,000 / month (4Core standard)

Basic Provided Services

  1. One time per day image backup (offer OS default settings)
  2. Provide one public IP address
  3. MRTG Traffic Chart
  4. Provide Client-Server page
  5. Server monitoring, web monitoring
  6. Provide Name servers
  7. Support Latest update + Secure patch applies to completed status
  8. Select one of Hanbiro Groupware 5 users or Hanbiro mail 10 users
  9. MS-Forfront (for Windows)
  10. Firewall settings (Built-in firewall settings in the OS)
  11. PC Remote Support
  12. Web Analyzer
  13. Intelligent DNS

Outside general server hostings and the same services, provide various (Charged·Free) optional services
※ Backup is a free service, so we do not take responsibility for backup data lost. Internal data is desired using a separate external backup service

Charged service

Charged Services Price
HDD capacity expansion ₩ 10,000/ case per 10GB (VAT excluded)
Add HDD devices Setting fee: ₩ 20,000/ case (VAT excluded)
Image Recovery ₩ 10,000/ case (restore the backup image, do not restore internal files units)
Reinstall the operating system ( + including Patch Update) ₩ 10,000/ case (VAT excluded)
SQL addtional install / reinstall( + including Service Pack Update) ₩ 20,000/ case (When requesting to install agency during operation)
Total server management operations(Managed) Service ₩ 150,000/ month
Memory Capacity Expansion 1024 MB/ ₩ 10,000 (VAT excluded)
Using excess traffic 1Mbps/ ₩ 20,000, MRTG 5 minutes average additional fees charged by Default traffic exceeding


  • Setting inside your operating system (OS) of Cloud Hosting and the service that directly managed by customers.
  • Prior notice to customers (There is no change in internal state except disconnect and switch mode to Suspend only on Guest OS)
  • If traffic is not instant traffic type according to the measured rate system, similar to web hosting, do not stop even exceed the traffic
  • Adult/ chatting/ game/ gambling services and these services that are in conflict with existing laws can not be operated
  • Customers must proceed backup the server's own internal data by themselve (charged back-up service available)
  • Server Technical Support and additional services, ect. are provided in the same way as general server hosting
  • When other customers affected by excessive Disk I/O, this service may be limited
  • Does not support server settings, such as web hosting, it is suitalbe when you operate your server directly (When requesting server settings, we offer paid technical support.)
  • Stop service in case third-party attempts hacking attempts that may cause damage to host and transit
  • DDoS attack target, stop immediately if you get an attack of compromised power and services
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