Sync Web note and mobile note app

What is Note?

You can create a simple memo, handwriting and attach an image to compose note on web and mobile note app
Written notes are stored on the server so it can be checked in the mobile app or web

Usage guideline in accordance with

When creating a web note on Groupware

Usage guideline when creating a web note on Groupware
Writing Type Features Mobile Note App
HTML Insert image Read-only
Text Attach image Editable

When creating a note on mobile app

Usage guideline When creating a note on mobile app
Writing Type Features Web Note Mobile Note app on other devices
Text Attach image Editable Can be edited in all devices
Handwriting Insert image
Insert text
Write as handwriting
Read-only You can edit if you have the same OS and the same resolution
Read-only if one of them is different

All features of Mobile note app




Attach image

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