Monitoring / Fault detection

We support a stable server and web site operations with a different notification process of denial-of-service and disability phenomenon.

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Features of the server control system

  • Automated processing according to whether the service daemon is active and working or not
  • Detect Denial of service and specific service attack state
  • Development of various monitoring elements applied immediately by the server properties
  • Beside general monitoring component, Server by service in-depth monitoring
  • Mobile, email, reports, and various wired notification system
  • Specific security element monitoring by main point depending on the importance of security
  • Forecast potential failure by the continuous accumulation of statistics

Basic Control (Server Hosting & Management Server Hosting)

  • Traffic & Load MRTG Monitoring
  • Ping, Port, Socket, Url String, SNMP Monitoring
  • Web page connection status and modulating monitoring
  • Domain query status and expiration monitoring

Advanced Control (Management Server Hosting)

Linux System

Linux System monitoring items
Classification Detailed monitoring items
Status Partition usage threshold monitoring
Server load threshold monitoring
Number of Specified process threshold monitoring
Firewall Status Monitoring
Web Services URL status monitoring
Login ID and remote monitoring
Various error log monitoring
Services Log Monitoring
Socket monitoring
Custom Message Monitoring
Execution authority file of sticky directory monitoring
File system status monitoring
Database error monitoring
Listen port present condition monitoring
Listen port status monitoring
Disk RAID controller monitoring
Disk status monitoring
Memory usage monitoring
Traffic monitoring
File modulation monitoring
Load balancer status, the real server's operating status monitoring
DB replication status monitoring
DRBD status monitoring
Spamming monitoring
Mail server illegal access monitoring
Domain expiration date monitoring
Unauthorized access attempt threshold monitoring
uid monitoring
Resource CPU information, Disk Usage, dmesg, firewall, Inode usage, server load, login history and session status, Memory usage, system log, Process, UpTime, server version, disk status, file systems, processes, traffic

Windows System

Windows System monitoring items
Classification Detailed monitoring items
Status CPU usage threshold monitoring (average value of 5 minutes)
Paging file usage threshold monitoring
Specific disk partition usage threshold monitoring
Threshold monitoring for Network traffic incoming/ output(average value of 5 minutes)
Monitoring target process operational status monitoring and Second operation
Real-time monitoring of the creation / termination of the process
Operating status of the monitored service monitoring and Second operation
Main executable files Create / Modify / Delete for a particular partition real-time monitoring
Windows Firewall Status / Rule / Filter status / Create / Edit / Delete real-time monitoring
Regular cleaning of the main log file (compression and backup archives)
OS Log-on account information and format real-time monitoring
Backup working status and backup log history monitoring
Window user account creation / modification / change real-time monitoring
Operating system restart (boot) state monitoring
Cleanup each mail-state of SMTP
Database creation, table creation in SQL Server monitoring
Login account settings state in SQL server monitoring
Job creation/ modification and execution status in SQL Server monitoring
Major hacking tool installation / modification / activity real-time monitoring
Permissions for each path, each website, each IIS, and NTFS Permissions Status in that folder
Extract Error history of IIS Web server logs
Disk state, such as File systems, bad sectors, etc. monitoring
Patch for Windows and for each service / service pack updates the state statistics
Network Connection Status of Gateway and interlocking equipment
Domain registered in web server and DNS server query operating state
About 15 of the additional elements non-monitoring
Resource System BIOS, processor, physical memory, physical disks, logical disks, network adapters, network setting values, operating system, paging, processes, services, event logs, startup programs, installed software, socket port status, scheduled tasks, DNS, firewall, IIS, SQL Server


  • In/out Octecs threshold monitoring
  • PPS threshold monitoring by IP, by protocol and by port
  • DDoS defense equipment load monitoring
  • Various DoS / DDoS attacks occur monitoring and defense
  • Unauthorized IP occupancy monitoring
  • Arp spoofing monitoring
  • Gateway occupancy monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Performance and data for a variety of performance counter value provided by the Windows operating system


  • Daily Report – Daily traffic Report, Load status report, etc.
  • Weekly Report – Weekly traffic report, Load status report, Work history report, etc.
  • Operations Report – In-depth check and status, trends and direction reports about management server hosting
  • Failure Report - Disability history and action, direction report about management server hosting
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