L4 Load Balancing

This service processes distribution works on multiple servers with high performance and high availability.

(VAT excluded / month)
Service prices ₩ 150,000 ~

What is L4 load balancing?

If you run only one server, there are some problems may occur such as load increases, speed down, server down, ect. In order to solve these problems above, we distribute tasks to be processed on one server into many servers and handle it. Thus, we can ensure an uninterrupted service with high performance and high availability.

The strengths of L4 load balancing

  • High throughput and load can be distributed to multiple servers to ensure a reliable service operation
  • If an abnormality is detected when checking the state of the real server, enable the real-server connections, except for those servers which have errors. This configuration allows uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days
  • It can response sufficiently through multiple servers at low prices without buying an expensive server

Target customers of L4 load balancing

  • Customers who have difficulty in high purchase cost of the switch
  • Customers who have difficulty in normal operating server service
  • Customers who require non-stop service configuration

L4 load balancing service prices

(VAT excluded / month)
Service details and price
Division Price
L4 load balancing equipment rental ₩ 300,000
Load balancing server (per 2 Ports) ₩ 150,000
Installation costs None
  • Load balancing (L4) Equipment rental has bandwidth limited to less than 100M.
  • When the minimum number of servers is 2 or more, load balancing service is available.
  • Load balancing servers that can be connected to the L4 switch is available 2 ports for 1 server
  • Please decide Load balancing configuration format after consulting with representative.

L4 load balancing service components

동시에 여러 대의 서버가 Active 방식으로 동작하여 부하 분산 처리
< Configure to balance the load on the server >
1대의 서버가 Active 상태로 동작하다가 장애 발생 시 대기중인 서버로 Active되어 동작하는 방식
< Configure for non-stop service >
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