Free Optional Services

Technical Support Form

Technical support form free additional services list
Provided list Description
Non-stop previous service For the service during the previous, we offer free of charge previous service without Downtime(Service stops), support for all of the previous work
Basic, custom settings Custom settings are completely free for both the default settings suggested by Hanbiro and the other OS requested by customers.
Professional management service Provide professional management services of Hanbiro only
1G(1000M) Dedicate line 1G Dedicate, Provide high quality fast network
Firewall Support built-in firewall in OS
VPN Service Provide free VPN Services
Monitoring/ Fault detection We are provide many kinds of server monitoring such as ping check, traffic monitoring page, server usage monitoring page, server spot activation check, check whether or not web access is normal, refused service check due to errors caused by the server kernel. In case of failure, SMS notification will be sent so we can process it quickly and Hanbiro professional engineers will manage your server.
Website Monitoring Check the connection status of operating the website, in unusual cases, website monitoring will notify via SMS
Domain expiration date notification We will inform you of the domain expiration date.
Server manager page We provide the admin page which you can manage and check all history of server operations
CDN/DRM Provide essential CDN/ DRM in media server implements

Solution form

Solution form free additional service list
Provided list Description
Hanbiro Groupware Groupware users are provided with Hanbiro Groupware server
Hanbiro Mail Provide Webmail, Calendar, Contact, Board, CloudDisk
Hanbiro Messenger Provide video/ voice chat, video conferencing, corporate broadcasts, screen sharing, Post it, ect.
Web Analyzer Provide Web Analyzer(worth ₩ 700,000)
PC remote support Provide PC remote supports
Intelligent DNS Provide Intelligent DNS to distribute visitors on each specific-country/ ISP
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