DNS Web Manager

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What is DNS Web Manager?

Because existing DNS server can be only set by the server administrator who has knowledge of the domain and server systems record, so each time you want to add a domain, or to add or modify a record, there is an inconvenience of manually request to the server administrator. DNS Web manager is a service that gives you more control and flexibility by enabling you to make DNS changes yourself even without knowledge of the domain and the record server system via a intuitive web interface.

Features of the DNS Web Manager

  • It is easy to add or delete domain by connection via web browser without logging into the system.
  • Because you can add the host you want to use immediately, even if you do not have knowledge about DNS, you can continue to work more quickly.
  • Because the input format is defined when you add or modify a record, you can avoid the failures, such as syntax errors that occur frequently in bind.
  • Because you do not have to put DNS server seperately to manage the domain directly, costs are reduced.

Target customers of the DNS Web Manager

  • Customers who want to manage domain directly but they lack knowledge of server and the name server
  • Customers who need to operate a separate DNS server, domain management
  • Customers who usually add or delete host

DNS Web Manager service charges

We provide free management server hosting and server hosting for customers in one year.

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