Single Firewall

This is the next generation of security services with comprehensive functionalities from basic firewall.

(VAT excluded / month)
Service prices ₩ 100,000 ~

Now beyond the Firewall, it is an integrated security (Unified Threat Management).
UTM is, the next generation of security services with comprehensive functionalities such as IPSec VPN / IPS / virus (spyware, adware, phishing included) Block / spam / web filtering, ect. from the basic firewall.
We provide UTM based on NetScreen OS of Global security company Juniper Networks so that you can operate at low prices.
We also offer 2 options, purchase-type and lease type to select according to operating service scale and conditions.
This service is installed an external server that is connected to a network gateway appliance equipment.

The main features of the NetScreen SSG

  • Real-time operating system which is focused on security for Firewall / IPSec VPN
  • Common Criteria and ICSA certified Stateful Inspection firewall for network protection
  • Available mutual operations and ICSA-certified IPSec VPN gateways for secure communication
  • Deep Inspection for application-level attack protection
  • Visualization capabilities for network segmentation
  • High availability for maximum network reliability
  • Abundant Management interface of the inside and outside can be utilized to establish
  • Policy setting and monitoring is provided simple, easy-to-use web GUI Administrator

UTM type and Service Fees

(VAT excluded/ month)
Juniper SSG-5
₩ 100,000 Lease type
  • The maximum is 160Mbps
  • 4000
  • 10/100 Base-T x 5
(VAT excluded/ month)
Juniper SSG-140
₩ 250,000 Lease type
  • The maximum is 350Mbps
  • 32000
  • 10/100 Base-T x 5, 1000 Base-T x 2
Vforce 500
(VAT excluded/ month)
Juniper Vforce 500
₩ 110,000 Lease type
  • The maximum is 2Gbps
  • 1,000,000
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T x 12
Vforce 1500
(VAT excluded/ month)
Juniper Vforce 1500
₩ 250,000 Lease type
  • The maximum is 4Gbps
  • 2,000,000
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T x 8

Basic Block

  • Firewall Support
  • IPS(Deep Inspetion) Support
  • Spyware Protection
  • Adware Blocking
  • Keylogger Blocking

Additional blocking

  • Virus: Supported through Juniper-Kaspersky Lab Antivirus engine
  • Spam blocking: Supported by the Symantec Brightmail
  • Integrated Web filtering: Supported by the SurfControl
  • External Web filtering: Supported through SurfControl and WebSense

Separate inquiry of Purchase type

  • The initial default setting is provided for free.
  • In the case of lease type, besides initial setup, basic technical support (policy settings) upon request is is supported with fees
  • In case of the purchase type, basic technical support available through Juniper Network
  • When connecting to more than 4 servers, additional expansion is possible via a switching hub.
  • In case of the purchase type, the equipment warranty period is 1 year.
  • Customers directly install firewall, operate and control equipment purchase / lease. (Not Security Services)
  • When requesting Policy enforcement, we support for free but do not manage as the policy.
  • In case of exceeding firewall performance limits, service failures are not covered due to traffic delays.
  • In case of abnormal firewall equipment, the same equipment will be replaced. (Purchase type is supported in A/S during warranty period)
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