Web Firewall

We help more secure server operating by supporting easy installation and operation.

"Protect your website from hacking and information leakage."

Recent hacking patterns are made publicly available through the Web Service. Particularly in the case of SQL Injection, such as data forgery as well as data leakage, ect. are very serious.

This causes requires more security by improving vulnerable website code, but in the case of middle and large-scale service, actually it requires a lot of maintenance costs compared with the initial development costs.

As the best security tools in this reality also requires a web application firewall. Web application firewall is offered by Hanbiro is easy to install and support for the operating to help your server operation more secure.


Dot Defender
(VAT excluded/ month)
₩ 200,000
  • Software-based
  • Plugin
  • High
  • Support
  • Support
Cube section WebCon
(VAT excluded/ month)
₩ 150,000
  • Software-based
  • Plugin
  • High
  • Support
  • Support
(VAT excluded/ month)
  • Software-based
  • Plugin
  • Normal
  • None
  • None

Features of Dot Defender

  1. Powerful web-site protection
  2. Easy to set up and install
  3. Special website Privacy Policy
  4. High Performance
  5. Automatic Live Update
  6. Simple maintenance
  7. Provide a variety of statistics reports

Features of Cube Section WebCon

  1. Provide an set of optimized security rules
  2. Possible to specify the domain groups and specific-path security policy settings
  3. Web server checks forwarding Response Data for users, and if sensitive information or web service error are detected, block it.
  4. Set the upload policy, maximum upload size per file on each path, limit the size of the number of uploaded files
  5. Web server protects you safely from injection and attacks such as XSS(Cross-site Script), etc.
  6. Provide real-time log lookup function, analysis conjunction detail and log data
  7. By providing a national IP template, allowing and blocking access Web services, it is easy to apply IP Policy
  8. Web services allow and block access to specific IP users through URL path per IP Access Policy, HTTP method access policy, trust and black IP settings

Features of WebKnight

  1. Free without license fees
  2. Based on open source
  3. Provide a variety of patterns policy
  4. Provide a variety of logging methods
  5. Low resource consumption
  6. Update policy settings of the operating
  7. Hotlink blocking function

Supported Platforms

Apache IIS Was

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