DB Encryption Solution

DB Security Services is a service that supports DB professionals by installing the DB encryption solution Operations management to protect from an intrusion in a database, Authorized internal users' errors and malicious access.

(VAT excluded / month)
Service prices ₩ 350,000

DB encryption Overview

사용자가 인터넷에 접속하여 백본을 지나 방화벽을 거쳐 Appliaction Server(그룹웨어, ERP, CRM 등 DB가 운영되는 서버)에 접속하면 외부 침입 및 악의적인 접속으로부터 보호하기 위해 DB Agent에 설치된 서버를 통해 오라클,MS-SQL등 평문으로된 
DB파일을 암호화하는 솔루션이 DB 암호화 솔루션 입니다. 보안 관리자는 Security Manager에 접속하여 Admin 권한을 통해 실시간으로 상태를 파악할 수 있습니다.
  • Encryption Agent is installed in the DB OS kernel and Perform encryption, decryption
  • Perform encryption based on Table unit and file unit

DB encryption configuration

사용자가 Applicaiton에 접속하여 접근 제어 에이전트, 암호화 에이전트를 통해 암호화된 파일(Encrypted files)에 접속하게 됩니다. 암호화 에이전트는 DB와 키 관리 서버 중간에 위치하여 파일 암호화를 최적화로 진행되도록 구성되어 있습니다.


Personal Information Protection Act[Law No.11990, 2013.8.6, revision of a part] / Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act[Presidential decree No. 25531, 2014.8.6., revision of a part]
Personal Information Protection Act Regulations
Regulations Act provisions Penalty
Article 24, Paragraph (3)(Limitation to Processing Unique Identifier) ③ In case the personal information processor processes the Unique Identifiers pursuant to each Subparagraph of Paragraph (1), the personal information processor shall take necessary measures to ensure the safety including encryption, as stated by the Presidential Decree, so that such Unique Identifiers may not be lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.. Less than 2 years imprisonment or a fine not exceeding 10 million won
Article 29 (Duty of Safeguards) The personal information processor shall take such technical, managerial and physical measures as internal management plan and preservation of log-on records, etc. necessary to ensure the safety as specified by the Presidential Decree so that personal information may not be lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.
Article 30 (Establishment and Disclosure of Privacy Policy) ① The personal information processor shall take measures to ensure the safety of each of the following Subparagraphs pursuant to Article 29 of the Act:
1. To set up and implement the internal management plan for the safe processing of personal information;
2. To control access to the personal information and restrict the authority to access hereto;
3. To adopt such encryption technology as to store and transmit the personal information in safety and other measures equivalent hereto;
4. To retain log-in records in order to respond data breach incidents and to take measures to prevent the forgery and falsification hereof;
5. To install and upgrade security programs to protect personal information;
6.To take such physical measures as storage to keep personal information in safety or locking system;
② The MOPAS may provide such necessary assistance as building up the system with which the personal information processor may secure the safety measures subject to Paragraph (1). <Revised 2013.3.23>
③ The MOPAS shall make and notify the detailed standards regarding safety measures subject to Paragraph (1). <Revised 2013.3.23>

DB Encryption Benefits

  • Optimized DB Security Solutions in Windows, Linux server
  • There is no separate program modifications, this leads to reduce operational management costs
  • Guarantee the same performance both before and after encrypted
  • Depending on DB OS, encryption/ decryption process carried out without interruption
  • Various DBMS(Mssql, Mysql, ORACLE, Tibero, etc.) and compatibility are excellent.
  • Provide an encrypted file access control(OS User access control is available for the target file)
  • Anyone can simply be installed in the form of the Installer.
  • Can be operated conveniently via a separate integrated Web UI.
  • NIS authentication, GS certified security, reliability
  • Personal Information Protection Act implements effective technological protection measures

DB encryption solution comparison

DB encryption solution comparison
Division Hanbiro DB encryption Product of different companies
Deployments File Encryption method PLUG IN, API, HYBRID method
Source modification Existing APPLICATION sources can not be modified Source modification and DB tuning required (30~40% generated)
3 ~ 4M additional manpower required to modify
Access control Provide DB Access control/ audit record function DB access control products require additional acquisition costs
Performance issues Almost no performance issues (2~3% generated) Performance issues generated (maximum 10~20% generated)
Building term Maximum within 1-2 weeks (Including the stabilization period) Maximum 2 to 3 months (Including the stabilization period)
Restrictions No restrictions When using PK, FK, INDEX, restrictions will be arised
When using tools such as TOAD, SQL MANAGEMENT, restrictions will be arised
Certification and regulatory compliance NIS encryption with Verification Module
GS certification and administrative data protection product certification
NIS encryption with Verification Module
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