Linux Server Web Manager

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What is Linux Server Web Manager?

In Existing Web&DB server, because only server administrators who are well aware of server system can set and add necessary information, each time you want to modify or create DB or add a new account, you have to send an inquiry to server administrator that leads to some inconvenience. Services Web Manager is a service that allows users to set the FTP account and DB account without requiring knowledge of the server system via an intuitive Web interface.

Features of Linux Server Web Manager

일반 사용자 : 계정을 추가하거나 DB를 생성 또는 수정할 때마다 서버 관리자에게 의뢰 / 리눅스 서버 웹 관리자 사용자 : 웹 인터페이스를 이용해 사용자가 직접 FTP 계정 추가 및 DB 생성 또는 수정
  • In a state that is not connected to the server, you can check load and the usage of current server at a glance.
  • You can delete or add FTP and DB account with web access on browser without logging in to the system.
  • Because the account you want to use can be added directly even without knowledge about Linux commands, the work can be processed more quickly and more effectively.
  • When you add or modify an account, you can prevent disorders such as command syntax error due to the format specified by the input.

Target customers of Linux Server Web Manager

  • Customers who are lack of knowdelge of name server and server but want to manage domain directly
  • Customers who need to run a separate DNS server, domain management
  • Customers who usually add and delete host

Linux Server Web Manager service fees

Customers who are currently using Management server hosting and Server Hosting service are free provided.

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