Mobile Streaming

(VAT excluded / month)
Service price ₩ 30,000

Mobile streaming supported by reliable technology of Hanbiro provides an optimized service based on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows, and it can response based on any mobile device as a media server.

Service outline

Live H.264/HE-AAC(RTMP, PTSP/RTP & MPEG-TS), VOD/AOD(.f4v, mp4, .m4a, .mov, .mp4v, .3gp and .3g2) → Streaming Server → RTMP(flash), HTTP(Siverlight), RTSP(Quicktime), HTTP(mobile), MPEG-TS(IPTV)

Supporting services

Real-time Messaging Protocal, RTMP(Adobe Flash Player)

  • Video : H.264, VP6, Sorenson Spark, Screen Shared Codec
  • Audio : AAC, AAC LC, HE-AAC, MP3, Speex, NellyMoser Asao

Apple HTTP Live Streaming(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Quick Time)

  • Video : H.264(Baseline Profile Level 3.0 or below)
  • Audio : AAC, AAC LC, HE-AAC, MP3

Microsoft Smooth Streaming(Microsoft Silverlight)

  • Video : H.264
  • Audio : AAC, AAC LC, HE-AAC, MP3

RTSP/RTP/MPEG-TS(Quick Time, VLC, Mobile devices, Set-top Boxes, Encoders)

Product Features

Support HTTP, RTSP / RTP, MPEG - TS and RTMP, Protocols
Depending on the cross-platform support policy, All Windows/Linux/Mac OSX are able to be supported(Can be used for all execution environment of java 1.6 or higher)
Reliability and stability are proved through more than 50,000 supplied products
Affordable and economical acquisition costs in compare with other products

QR code of Connections page

For iPhone

아이폰용 QR 코드

For Android

안드로이드용 QR 코드

Service price

Mobile streaming service price
Basic space /month - cost 20GB/month - ₩ 30,000(VAT excluded)
Initial installation cost None
Throughput/ month 300GB/month(10GB/ day)
When excessing throughput per day ₩ 5,000(10GB/ day)
Disk exceeds ₩ 10,000(10GB/ day)
Uniqueness Configure as private product
In case of more than 100GB of data capacity, separately progress with Sales team
When increasing to 10MB or more as MRTG standard, separately progress
Moon Sori
1544-4755 Ext. 505
(English Consultation Available)