Website Monitoring

In order to check whether website is normal or not in the shortest possible time to handle it, we provide notification to the operator.

Service prices All customers are free of charge

Website monitoring is the service that checks whether website continues to maintain a normal connection state or not and provide a notification to the website operator.

  1. Monitoring Server
  2. Check web page access
  3. Send SMS to the operator when errors occur.

Through the notifications, website operators can check for any abnormalities and do possible actions of a website that they operate within the shortest possible time to increase the satisfaction of website visitors.

※ If the website is set on in the server (Web page) at Hanbiro IDC, we offer you the following services free of charge

  • Check the connection every 3 minutes / 5 minutes / 10 minutes and notify
  • Provide SMS notification, and when notifying, it is possible to register multiple notifications at the same time (maximum of 3).
  • If the SMS is not sent excessively, provide unlimited.
  • Various Web page link failure, delay notification from http status code
  • Website Main address as well as specific pages can also be checked
Examples of Notification Message

Can not connect to the server.
The time has been exceeded.
The underlying connection was closed. Connection was closed unexpectedly.
The name could not be resolved.: ''
The request was aborted. SSL / TLS secure channel can not be created.
Server returned an error: 500 - Internal Server Error.
Server returned an error: 503 - Service Unavailable Error.
Server returned an error: 403 - Forbidden Error.

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