Domain Expiration Date Notification

Check the expiration date of the Web site's domain to provide notification to the operator.

Service prices All customers are free of charge

Check the expiration date information of customer's website domain, and if the expiration date has been coming, send an notification to the operator.

고객 서버에서 모니터링 서버로 도메인을 전달 → 모니터링 서버 : WHOIS 검색으로 만료일자 확인 → 만료 위험 감지 시 운영자에게 확인

Risks of Ownership expiration of the domain

  • When a domain expires, cannot run this site
  • Even after paying a fee or processing extension, it is still cannot access in a day or more
  • Decline reliability site related disabled access
  • 30 days after the expiration date, deprive domain ownership
  • Select target domain automatically based on the contents of the Web server that you are operating
  • Check the valid domain on running servers
  • Notify 7 days and 2 days before the expiration date

" Registered information of the domain(Including expiration date) is based on the WHOIS information of the authorities.
When false information in the WHOIS servers is provided or fail, you may not know the correct information in the Hanbiro. "

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