Failure Detection System

In order to check whether the real server run service well or not, load balancing servers check the page that reads hanbiro.lvs at 2 second intervals from the real server to check the string 'hanbiro'. Unchecked real server is dropped normally from the cluster members. Failover Server is registered with the cluster members in real-time.

로드밸런스 서버는 리얼 서버가 정상적으로 서비스되는지 체크하기 위해 리얼 서버로부터 2초간격으로 hanbiro.lvs라는 체크 페이지를 읽어들여 ‘hanbiro’라는 문자열을 체크한다.

Detect HDD Error/ Kernel Panic/ Daemon Alive certain state/checking whether or not web access is normal automatically from , then if Clustered servers is not normal, distribution on the server will be removed from Load Balancer to build non-stop stystem.

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