Nonstop Storage System

Do you need a large file system? Hanbiro provide the storage system for free!

Safe storage of data

Fully managed service

Minimum cost

Automatic failover system

High performance and reliability

Features of Hanbiro storage system

  • Optimal storage system implemented at minimal cost
  • This can be extended to infinity and flexibly cope with the data management
  • Complete nonstop system implemented using a dual system of data
  • More stable system implementedas an I/O distributed processing for Hot-File

General configuration of the storage systems

사용량에 맞게 무한 확장 가능

When using storage vendor products, the cost for expansion and initial construction of equipment is very expensive
Hanbiro storage system builds a high-performance storage system using a common server. This extension is very easy, and cost for expansion is also very affordable. Upper than 16T configurations are possible, full support for the Hot-File by parallel I/O processing is available

Configuration of nonstop storage system

데이터 이중화 시스템 적용

Existing typical storage system has a huge volume of data and the storage system itself is very high utilization so backup or replication is very difficult.
In addition, even if it is possible, backup and replication is impossible and in case failure occurs, point of failure can not be recovered or even if recovery is possible, it will takes several days to recover, so that the quick processing is impossible.
Storage System uses data replication system in order to be able to make a copy of the storage in real-time, and enable real-time restoration like a mirror of the raid when failure occurs, so you can use nonstop service in case of failure.

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